DSE™️ Expert

  • Electrical positioning of the patient simulator
  • Ergonomic height adjustment of dentist and assistant element
  • Flexible instrumentation with optional endodontic function
  • Integrated water supply and disposal and other optional functions
  • Compact design with large storage space for students’ personal use
  • Integrated suction motor with low air consumption
  • Solid construction with high-quality, precisely finished materials
  • High functional reliability with 100% testing of all components

Transform your students into dental experts.

The KaVo DSE Expert simulation unit is perfectly suited to the requirements of modern dental training. Every treatment station offers everything that future experts need for practical study, from the integrated water supply to the ergonomic positioning of the dentist and assistant element with custom instrumentation.

Dental Training has a name: DSE Expert.

The treatment workstation includes electronically controlled patient positioning, integrated water supply and suction, generous storage spaces and ergonomically adjustable dentist and assistant elements with individually selectable instrumentation. 

In addition, the patient simulator with teeth, mandibular joint, head and upper body is for students easily accessible integrated in the unit and can be folded away to save space.

Some of the benefits include
  • Electrical positioning of the patient simulator for the most realistic training conditions ever
  • Perfect ergonomics through separate height adjustment of the dentist and assistant element
  • Flexible instrumentation and modular structure: endodontic function, integrated water supply and disposal as well as other functions available as options
  • Compact and clinical design with larger individual storage space for students
  • Integrated suction motor with low air consumption
  • Precise handling in accordance with high quality standards
  • Solid design using high-quality materials
  • Maximum functional safety with all components tested 100%

Special features

Built to meet your requirements

DSE Expert, freely configurable and expandable

There is not just one DSE Expert, but rather: your DSE Expert. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be used as an individual device as well as in complete training station groups. It can be operated with air or electric-powered instruments and expanded to cover root canal treatments with endodontics software at any time, even after purchase.

DSE Expert modules

  •  Dentist element
  •  Assistant element
  •  Patient simulator head
  •  Patient positioning
  •  Lights
  •  Foot control
  •  Media supply
  •  Mobile equipment frame
  •  Storage space with optional doors or drawers

Experts in their element

DSE Expert dentist and assistant elements

Overall, the dentist and the optional assistant element automatically recognise up to six flexibly selectable instruments. Both elements are manually height-adjustable and freely positionable from 9 to 12 o'clock in terms of treatment positions. If required, they can be converted for left-handed users in just a few seconds, simply by repositioning the instrument arm, with no need for tools.

Additional functions for the dentist element

  • Display for the date, time, dentist selection and for accessing individual instrument parameters
  • Direct selection keys, service keys and 4 keys that can be programmed freely for rapid adjustment of the automatic positions of the patient simulator — in the same way as with a treatment unit

Instrumentation can be configured as required with options including

  •  Multiflex coupling, e.g. for turbines, air motors, SONICflex Air Scaler etc.
  • Electronic motor, e.g. KL 703, including with endodontic function
  • Ultrasonic scalers PiezoLED or PIEZOsoft
  • Various syringes
  • Spray mist suction (if no assistant element)
  • Laboratory drive selection (operated via the same foot control)

DSE Expert dentist and assistant elements

Experts in their element

Overall, the dentist and the optional assistant element automatically recognise up to six flexibly selectable instruments. Both elements are manually height-adjustable and freely positionable from 9 to 12 o'clock in terms of treatment positions. If required, they can be converted for left-handed users in just a few seconds, simply by repositioning the instrument arm, with no need for tools.

Additional function 

  •  Optional extension with standard tray on the rear section


Instrumentation fitted as standard with

  •  Spray mist suction
  •  Saliva extraction

Can optionally be configured as required with

  •  Various syringes
  •  Polymerisation handpiece Satelec Mini LED
  •  Polymerisation handpiece PolyONE

Because each university is different

Freely configurable media supply

1. Suction

The integrated stand-alone wet suction device for saliva extraction and spray mist suction features low air consumption with continuously strong suction power. The discharge container (1 l) with integrated overflow protection, transport handle and self-sealing lock is easily accessible. Alternatively, the unit can also be connected to a central wet or dry suction device. In case of a dry suction, the waste water tank is used as a separator.

2. Water supply

Water is supplied via an integrated stand-alone unit with a pressure regulator, overflow protection and a tested, easily accessible pressurised water bottle (max. 1.3 l) which
also opens under pressure thanks to auto-ventilation. There is an option for manual permanent and intensive germ reduction by adding KaVo Oxygenal 6 for protection against germs. Alternatively, the unit can be connected to the building’s central water supply.

Selection from frame to foot control:

A convenient option for students and service

As a mobile simulation unit on four sturdy castors, the DSE Expert can be positioned freely and then stably fixed in the optimum treatment position using the pneumatic brake. The frame itself can be configured with intermediate shelves, doors or metal drawers.

Student areas

  • Two lockable storage areas for students
  • Comfortably accessible from the side
  • Space for a jaw simulator or articulator and tray with instruments


Service areas

  • Maintenance-friendly structure, only accessible with tools
  • Above the storage spaces: media and electronics
  • Lower area: suction motor, transformer and further installations


Simulation Lights HALUX

Simulation light HALUX N50

  • Precise colour rendering Ra > 95
  • Spring-balanced joint system
  • Toggle switch (I/0) on the lamp head
  • Light intensity 50.000 lx/0.5 m
  • Light colours 3300 K, 3800 K or 4400 K,
    illuminance dimmable in 5 steps

Simulation light HALUX N30

  • Precise colour rendering Ra = 93
  • Spring-balanced joint system
  • Toggle switch (I/0) on the lamp head
  • Light intensity 30.000 lx/0.5 m
  • Light colour 4400 K

Foot control

Both versions with hoses routed centrally at the front of the device, suitable for left and right-handed users.

Type A: 

The continuously variable speed control is operated using a comfortable right/left movement of the pedal. There are also foot keys for switching the spray water or the blow air on/off and for activating/deactivating the motor counter-clockwise operation. The patient simulator position can also be adjusted using the foot control.

Type C: 

The spray water is switched on/off using a folding valve, and the blow air is switched on/off via a pressure valve. The instrument’s start/stop function is conveniently
controlled via the disc gas pedal.

Always in the perfect position

Options for using the DSE Expert

The options for using the KaVo DSE Expert are unlimited. It can be combined as a standalone feature or combined with a technician’s workstation. The extremely compact device can be easily stationed under the technician’s workstation, thereby giving the student maximum legroom.

Flexible arrangements

Whether arranged in an island of 2, 4, individual or double rows, the DSE Expert can save space in any training room to suit the relevant training concept.


Realistic prior planning included

The facilities in the training area, including the technical equipment and furniture, are optimised through our space and installation planning and are also displayed realistically. This provides a realistic simulation of your clinic’s specific features.


Ergonomics is a matter of adjustment: individual customisation of the DSE Expert

Conversion from right to left

Left-handed users can convert the dentist and assistant element to a correct and ergonomic side for them in just a few seconds and without requiring tools. 

Both elements are height-adjustable independently of each other from a lowest position of 690 mm to a highest position of 840 mm.

Adjusting the patient simulator

In order for both small as well as large students to be able to take up an ergonomic treatment position, the simulator has a wide range of options for adjusting the height and tilt. Vertikale Höhenverstellung

  • Lowest height to incisal edge: 700 mm
  • Maximum height to incisal edge: 950 mm
  • Angle adjustment: from -10° to +90°

Positioning of the patient simulator

Select one out of three individual pre-programmed positions which is accessed via an electronic synchronous mechanism — just as with a treatment unit. 

Alternatively, the user can move the patient simulator to the required treatment position by pressing a button on the dentist element.

Adjusting the patient’s head

The patient’s head can be positioned freely for flexible readjustment of a wide range of treatment options

  • up to approx. 25° nodding movement forwards
  • up to approx. 40° nodding movement backwards
  • up to approx. 20° tilt left and right

Equipment and Technical specifications

Dentist Element 
Multifunctional display MEMOdent right or leftx
2. Handle S tableo
Handle sterilisable S tableo
5 instrument holdersx
6 instrument holdersx
Air instrument connectiono
KL motor connectiono
Endodontic function/torque controlo
DCI syringe (not compatible with hygiene centre)x
Triple-function handpiece One (not compatible with hygiene centre)x
Triple-function handpiecex
Multi-function handpiecex
PIEZOsoft scalero
PiezoLED scalero
Polymerisation handpiece Satelec Mini LED (only available with the S table)o
Polymerisation handpiece One (only available with the S table)o
KaVo intraoral camerao
USB camera interfaceo
Tray holder for US trayo
Tray holder for 1 standard trayo
Tray holder for 2 standard trayso
Anti-reflux valve for instrumentss
Assistant element 
Spray mist suctions
Saliva extractors
Selective trayo
VACUstopp (not available with pneumatic height adjustment)o
Suction hose holderx
Assistant elementx
Swivelling assistant elementx
Swivelling and height-adjustable assistant elementx
DCI syringe (not compatible with hygiene centre)o
Triple-function handpiece One (not compatible with hygiene centre)o
Triple-function handpieceo
Multi-function handpieceo
Polymerisation handpiece Satelec Mini LEDo
Polymerisation handpiece Oneo
Tray holder incl. standard trayo
Device body 
Pneumatic height adjustmentx
Electrical height adjustmentx
Supply system 
Water block compactx
Permanent/intensive germ reduction with hygiene centre and DVGW-certified water blockx
Connection to central suction wets
Solid particle collectors
Foot control 
Standard foot controlx
Premium foot controlx
LED operating light 
Operating light KAVOLUX 540 LEDo
Operating light MAIAo
CONEXIO servero
CONEXIO foot controlo
KaVo Screen Oneo
KaVo Screen HDo
Pre-installation for external monitoro
Cable set for PC connectiono
Screen support 1-jointo
Screen support 2-jointo
Patienten simulators
Backrest Progresss
Headrest 2-joint with rotary knobs
Third hand DPSo
Jaw simulator 
G40 Jx
G40 JMx
G50 Jx
G50 JMx
without Jaw simulatorx
Face mask 
DPS face mask Mx
DPS face mask Lx
DPS face mask M, with adaptorx
DPS face mask L, with adaptorx
DPS face mask L, latexx
Without face maskx
Tooth models 
UJ/LJ V16x
Without tooth modelsx


s = standard
o = optional
x = must be selected

The DSE Expert is configured as standard with the connection to the compressed air supply and is fitted with the plugs and supply voltages required at the installation location.

Technical Details 
Nominal voltage (country-specific)100, 110, 120, 130, 220, 230, 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA
Mains fuse
  • Type T2.0 H / 250 V, T6.3 H / 250 V
  • Permissible mains voltage fluctuations max. ±10%
  • Overvoltage category II
Connection values
  • Power input DSE Expert 300 VA
  • On-site air pressure 5.5 to 6 bar (79.8 to 87 psi)
  • On-site water pressure 2.6 to 3 bar (37.7 to 43.5 psi)
  • Maximum water consumption 0.15 l/min
  • Maximum air consumption 60 l/min
Recommended settings
  • System pressure 3.0 bar/43.5 psi
  • Spray air 1.0 bar/14.5 psi
  • Spray water 0.8 bar/11.6 psi
Supply system 
  • Drinking water quality
  • Water hardness: 1.5 to 2.14 mmol/l ≈ 8.4 to 12 °dH
Technical Details 
Suction performance with suction unit installed
  • Spray mist suction hose: 230 l/min
  • Saliva extractor: 40 l/min
DSE Expert speed
  • Dentist drives: Instruments depending on type up to 300,000 rpm, KL motor 40,000 rpm
  • Dental drives: K4 handpiece 4914 / K5 plus handpiece 4911 35,000 rpm
  • DSE Expert speed in Endo mode: range from 100 to 40,000 rpm; max. speed clockwise 40,000 rpm;
  • max. speed anticlockwise 40,000 rpm; motor torque, max. torque 2.7 Ncm
Operating environment
  • Ambient temperature 5 to 40 °C / 41 to 104 °F, optimum ambient temperature 15 to 35 °C / 59 to 95 °F
  • Relative humidity 30 to 75%, non-condensing
  • Pollution degree 2, maximum installation altitude 3000 m MSL
Weight60 kg