KaVo DIAGNOcam™ Vision Full HD

  • Intraoral, transillumination and fluorescence imaging with just one click
  • Constant autofocus for sharp images automatically in full HD quality
  • Utterly simple operation via customisable touch panels
  • Image triggering via touch panel, mouse click or foot control
  • Patented tip fits to the tooth size, so no need to change attachments
  • Easy, intuitive operation
  • Easy-to-use hygiene concept with practical disposable covers
  • Thermodisinfectable attachments sterilisable up to 135°C

Excellence cubed – smart multiple diagnostics with just one click.

Whether you need high-resolution intraoral images for initial visual diagnostics, an in-depth look at the tooth structure using transillumination technology, or revealing fluorescence images, the KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD puts all three types of diagnostic imaging on your screen within a second, in full HD resolution.

1 Click, 1 Second, 3-in-1 Diagnosis

Visualising the future of dentistry: The KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD.

With the new KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD, everything literally "clicks", because it enables three-in-one diagnosis with a simple push of a button. KaVo's new Premium intraoral camera offers an entirely new imaging concept for the dental practice.

With the innovative 3-in-1 concept, intraoral, transillumination and fluorescence images are created in brilliant, Full HD quality. That means that three clinically-relevant images are generated in less than one second and with just one simple click. With this feature, the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD optimally supports a straightforward, reliable and patient-friendly diagnostic process.

The user can also choose between a one photo mode or a combination of two or three modes for an individually-optimised workflow that is appropriate to the treatment process.

3 Modes with 1 Click: See more, show everything.

Depending on the dental situation and the step of your workflow, you can choose the specific image mode you prefer or combine two or all three of them in one shot. Giving you a clinically relevant overview, like never before.

Face Image

Distortion-free portraits, easily added to the patient file documentation of your Patient Management System (PMS).

Smile Image

Ideal to capture the lip line and smile line — useful for dental technicians to match the colour and create perfectly aligned aesthetic anterior teeth restorations and for pre-post comparison and documentation for your patients.

Tooth Image

The quick and easy way to get a first overview of the dental situation, including fillings, dental prosthesis, extractions, deformities and overall dental hygiene. Perfect for pre-post comparison and documentation for your patients.

Makro Shot

Enlargement of the finest tooth and gum structures, recommended for detecting the smallest lesions, defective transitions of filling material or crowns to the tooth as well as for initial examination of root canals.

Transillumination: 99% Accuracy

Caries diagnosis with transillumination - light years ahead. With the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD, light waves complement X-rays otherwise needed for caries detection, giving you exceptional image quality and detail.

  • The light source inserted in the tip illuminates the tooth outwards from the neck of the tooth to the occlusal tooth surface.
  • A digital camera shows the captured scenes live on the screen of your choice.
  • The tooth becomes a light conductor, making the tooth structures visible. Any caries or cracks that the light comes across on its way to the tooth surface are clearly identifiable and visibly darker.

Classification of findings with Transillumination Technology

DescriptionDIAGNOcamClinical extentTherapy recommendation
Healthy tooth surface.
First signs of approximal enamel caries.
Caries monitoring and prevention.
Established approximal enamel caries.
Caries monitoring and prevention.
Approximale Schmelzkaries mit Kontakt zur Schmelz-Dentin-Grenze (SDG).
Caries monitoring and prevention.
Approximal dentine caries with surface enamel-dentine border contact.
(Minimally) invasive procedure**.
Advanced approximal dentine caries.
Invasive procedure**.

Download Clinical Guide (classification and findings)

* * Precise diagnosis with DIAGNOcam based on: Kühnisch J, Söchtig F, Pitchika V, Laubender R, Neuhaus KW, Lussi A, Hickel R “In vivo validation of near-infrared light transillumination for interproximal dentin caries detection,” Clinical Oral Investigations, May 2016.

** Additional bitewing radiographs are useful to assess the extent of the caries in the dentine. Prevention: Plaque control, fluoride application, caries infiltration, etc.
Source: KaVo DIAGNOcam. classification and findings. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, 2013.

Fluorescence mode: The ultimate check at the end of your workflow

This fluorescent light stimulates the metabolic products of (e.g. cariogenic) bacteria on the tooth´s hard substances. 

Emitting different colours, the tooth´s hard substance is displayed greenish and metabolic products of cariogenic bacteria are shown reddish. This allows the user to detect caries activity, making it possible to diagnose pathological findings. 

The mode enables the recording of images in the fluorescence range, in order to diagnose occlusal caries and plaque.

The final check of your dental workflow

The fluorescence mode of the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD is a particularly useful supplement to the assessment of occlusal surface caries as well as for a final caries check before placing a filling.

Fulfilling your dental needs regarding fillings

Especially composite fillings are very easy to recognise and are clearly demarcated with the fluorescence mode, to detect even the smallest caries findings at the most critical points between filling and tooth.


Keeping everything important in focus, every time: The integrated, continuous autofocus feature automatically delivers distortion-free and brilliant, sharp results in Full HD quality.

From extraoral portrait or smile images, from a row of teeth to macro shots, the KaVo autofocus feature guarantees precise, clinically-relevant images, every time. And without delays due to separate focusing.

This is new, because existing intraoral cameras often have a fixed-focus lens, meaning that a certain distance is necessary for a distortion-free image. With a classic autofocus the user usually also has to press a button.

With the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD, this is done automatically: the continuous autofocus feature delivers a sharp image every time, whatever the distance and with no need to press a button.

The Full HD technology combined with the continuous autofocus guarantees brilliantly sharp and distortion-free images at all times.

The ring memory also ensures that the best image is selected and displayed, every time.

To do this, the camera generates additional images of the same object shortly before and after the shutter release, and automatically selects the sharpest image and displays it on the screen.

And the best of all: Only 1 Tip for 3 Modes.

The KaVo tip - with its patented design - can be used for each of the three modes and the flexible design with the tip arms adapts to any tooth size. This not only saves costs; it also saves a lot of time that would usually be spent changing multiple attachments, and thus turns your workflow into a real flow of work - in the truest sense of the phrase. 

In addition to its many technical highlights, the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD offers a sophisticated hygiene concept.

A more efficient workflow for the early detection of caries, thanks to razor-sharp images in three different modes is just one of the impressive advantages of the new KaVo intraoral camera. Another benefit is an effective, well thought-out hygiene concept that meets all current requirements and provides you with maximum safety.

The KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD offers a truly easy-to-use hygiene concept: the practical, disposable protective covers protect the intraoral camera from contamination and cover the camera handpiece without compromising image quality.

The tip and the fluorescence cover can be simply placed over the disposable protective cover. The disposable protective covers must be disposed of as usual after use. The tip and the fluorescence cover can undergo thermal disinfection and sterilised up to 135 °C.

In short: today more than ever, a well thought-out hygiene concept is one of the most important aspects in a dental practice.

Software & Technical details

Operating ModeSoftware
DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD with a KaVo Treatment UnitCONEXIOcom
DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD Stand aloneDIAGNOcam Software
DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD integrated into the practice managment softwareCONEXIOcom, DIAGNOcam Software
DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD integrated into thrid-party software
(TWAIN Interface)   


Download DIAGNOcam Software V 3.1.6

Flyer DIAGNOcam Software

DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD 
Power consumptionMax. 0,5 A
Supply voltage5 V
Tube length2,5 m
Weight / Diameter190 g / approx. 30 mm
InterfaceUSB 2 / USB 3
Wave length850 nm
System requirements 
PCWindows 64 bit (Microsoft Windows 10/11)
CPUQuad-Core 2.8 GHz or higher (e.g. Intel Core i5/7)
Main memory8 GB
Disk space10 GB free disc space recommended
DisplayFull HD, 1920 x 1080 or higher
Graphic card3D backing (OpenGL® 3.3) and 2 GB or more free disk space recommended (at 4K displays: 4 GB)
Order optionsItem No.
DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD1.011.1213 (2,5 m standard tube for stand-alone)
1.013.1500 (1,3 m tube for use at treatment units)
Included in standard package (and/or to reorder) 
Tip Vision Full HD1.013.5708 (1 piece)
Fluorescence Cover Vision Full HD1.013.5712 (1 piece)
Cradle Vision Full HD1.013.5713 (1 piece)
Sheath Vision Full HD1.013.5711 (100 pieces)
Additional accesories (not included in standard package) 
Tip Vision Full HD1.013.5709 (4 pieces)
Fluorescence Cover Vision Full HD1.013.5715 (4 pieces)
Wall Mount Vision Full HD1.013.0400 (1 piece)
Foot Control Vision Full HD1.013.4952 (1 piece)


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