KaVo wireless foot control

Free up more space for treatments.

Wherever you want to work, the KaVo wireless foot control gives you the freedom to operate your units from any position in the room. The wireless radio technology prevents tripping hazards and frees up valuable time, as there’s no need to clean a connecting cable.

Product information

  • Freely positionable wireless foot control for greater freedom of movement
  • High-performance battery: two-month runtime without recharging
  • Can be retrofitted for ESTETICA E80, E70, E50



  • Wireless for greater safety and easier hygiene
  • Speed control, level switching, centring, spray preselection, chipblower air, direction of motor rotation, and chair and multimedia functions are operated in the same way
  • Free choice of positioning enables an ergonomic work posture


  • Optimised workflow
  • Avoidance of unnecessary contact of hands with controls
  • Prevention of cross-contamination
  • Centring permits the safe operation of all instruments - instruments start at the stored speeds
  • The complete speed range is always available
  • Very safe treatment through indication-based speed storage

Hinged pedal

  • Permits ergonomic left/right motion of the foot instead of the tiring up/down motion  
  • Even distribution of body weight when operating in a standing position
  • Normal strain on leg and foot muscles
  • Healthy and natural foot and leg position