Original replacement motors

High power and value for money

Original replacement motors boost your practice’s power and performance. KaVo motors are provided straight from the manufacturer as good as new, completely overhauled and excellently reconditioned.

Product info

  • KaVo motor fully refurbished with the exchange process
  • Directly from manufacturer
  • Completely refurbished and under warranty


Your advantages

  • KaVo quality and longevity
  • Cost effective, quick turnaround, environmentally friendly
  • Excellent workmanship and long service life
  • Original KaVo replacement component


Order form replacement motors

It's so simple

  • Find the type ID on the motor / scaler
  • Compare this article number to the items on the order form and enter the quantity you wish to order in the proper line of the form. The order form lists the replacement prices
  • Once you receive your delivery, please return the defective motor to KaVo to have it credited to your account. A return label is enclosed in the delivery.

* You will be retroactively charged the difference in price compared to a new motor unless the old motor is returned to us.


Invoicing through the specialised KaVo dealer

The invoicing will be handled by the certified specialised KaVo dealer.

Full power for full performance

Components are thoroughly cleaned and all replacement components are replaced by new ones. You receive a new motor that provides you with full power and performance.

Increased momentum for you:

  • Functionality and quality straight from the manufacturer
  • Excellent workmanship and long service life
  • Original KaVo replacement component

As a service to you concerning our motors / scalers, we offer to replace defective motors by a more current and compatible alternative. For details, please see the order form.