KaVo comfort head cushion

KaVo comfort head cushion - just one step for upper or lower jaw treatment.

Want to do you and your patients a good turn? The KaVo comfort head cushion features a heat-sensitive upper material and KaVo memory foam, which adapts to any head shape. It’s easy to rotate for upper and lower jaw treatments. That’s premium patient comfort the KaVo way.

Product information

  • Comfortable head cushion for comfortable head positioning, even during long treatments
  • KaVo memory foam adapts optimally to any head shape
  • Comfortable, heat-sensitive upper material
  • Rotatable for upper and lower jaw treatments
  • Magnetic wedge attachment that is easy to affix
  • Removable and washable upholstery cover



  • Quick conversion - just one step for upper- or lower jaw treatment
  • Memory foam for a comfortable patient adjustment, fitting each head shape
  • Appropriate for all treatments, especially long term procedures
  • Removable and washable cover


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