KaVo Spray

  • High-quality, universally applicable care
  • Single can with green marking
  • Environmentally friendly propellent

Universal care for all KaVo contra-angles, handpieces, turbines, heads and air motors.

Dental hygiene with KaVo Spray

The KaVo Spray system helps your daily surgery routine without environmental damage. Your valuable and precision made KaVo instruments and handpiece attachments are simultaneously cared for and protected. The spray lubricant is propelled to exactly the right areas where lubrication is regularly required. This is achieved without any CFC’s.


In addition, the KaVo Spray intensive care system also offers:

  • Economical 500 ml contents with almost double the amount of previous cans of spray.
  • Now only one type of spray for all KaVo contra-angles, handpieces, turbines, air motors and heads. All perfectly lubricated with the KaVo Spray formula.
  • The two re-usable spray nozzles (Multiflex and Quick) can be interchanged on one spray can. This is not only economical but environmentally friendly. No unnecessary discarding of the spray nozzles and caps.

Video instructions for preparing instruments

In this video, KaVo provides detailed instrument preparing instructions for all KaVo dental instruments:

  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Internal disinfection
  • Manual care and cleaning
  • Sterilisation

Scope of delivery & Accessories

KaVo Spray 2112 A
DE, DA, EN, ES, FI, FR, HR, IT, NL, PL, PT, SV, RU: REF 0.411.9640
CS, EL, ET, HU, LT, LV, RO, SK, SL, TR, ZH: REF 1.011.5721

  • 6 bottles KaVo Spray of 500 ml each (without spray nozzle)
  • Green coloured ring
  • Environment friendly propellant
  • For lubrication of KaVo handpieces, contra-angles, turbines, heads and air motors
  • Supplied in cartons containing 6 bottles

Spray nozzles must be ordered separately.

  • Spray nozzle INTRA (REF 0.411.9911): Pack with 5 units (for all INTRA instruments, heads, air motors and turbines with fixed connection as well as for maintaining FG chucks for dental instruments and turbines.)
  • Spray nozzle for COMFORTdrive (REF 1.005.3154)
  • Spray nozzle MULTIflex (REF 0.411.9921): Pack with 5 units (for all MULTIflex turbines, SONICflex and INTRAflex instruments.)
  • Spray head for NSK turbines: Single deliverable. REF 1.005.8436
  • Spray head for Sirona turbines: Single deliverable.  REF 1.005.8365
  • Pack Cleanpac of 10 pieces: REF 0.411.9691



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Cost-effective, thorough and straightforward instrument preparation.
  • Fast and efficient: It takes just one minute for each maintenance cycle if you are processing four instruments, and the entire process is controlled via a program and automated.
  • Purging function: The innovative feature pressurises and cleans the instrument gear and spray channels with compressed air – doing so also removes excess oil residues.
  • Collet program: Optimal collet cleaning and care – for reliable instrument holding power and functional reliability.