KaVo Simulation Units

KaVo simulation units: Make excellence your goal from the outset.

Students are exposed to the realities of dental practice as early as possible by the KaVo simulation units, to ensure the highest level of dental education. As a premium manufacturer, KaVo sets the standard for simulation units that prove themselves in practice.

High-quality materials and premium workmanship, intuitive operation and solutions for consistently ergonomic work are therefore part of pre-clinical and clinical training from the outset. Obviously, everything is "Made in Germany".

DSE Clinical™ E50 Life

The KaVo simulation unit for practical training.

DSE™️ Expert

KaVo simulation unit for modern dental training.

Improved routine and safety.

Smart simulation is cleverly thought out at KaVo.

An important part of dental education is simulation under realistic working conditions. With the KaVo simulation units, students learn how to use the original products safely and routinely in the preclinical stage and will not need to adapt to new workflows later during the clinical stages.

  • Simulation under realistic and ergonomic working conditions
  • Modular configurations and flexible instrumentation
  • Stable construction and high-quality materials – specially designed for everyday use by students
  • The latest standards in terms of ergonomics, usability, health protection and reliability

Maßstäbe in Punkto Hygiene, Behandlungsergonomie und einfacher Bedienbarkeit

The options for applying the KaVo simulation units are unlimited. They can be used autonomously or freely combined with a technician workstation. The compact unit can easily be stored under the technician workstation, offering students maximum legroom. 

Ergonomics during treatment are also optimised by well thought-out details, such as the extensive patient simulator position settings. The flexible element swivel range enables ergonomic work in all treatment positions – from 9 to 12

With KaVo MEMOdent, students can quickly call up saved parameters for each instrument if treatment procedures are performed repeatedly. 

Hygiene safety – a central topic from the very beginning: The optional permanent microorganism reduction and intensive germ reduction maintain hygiene and offer the best protection for the health of the students.

KaVo is always compatible. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

The KaVo simulation units are, naturally, fully compatible with the KaVo portfolio, allowing you to take advantage of the numerous options and opportunities during dental education.

  • Instruments
  • Operating lights
  • Jaw simulators
  • Dental models and much more

These are persuasive reasons for educating students with KaVo "Made in Biberach” quality.