Become a superhero now!

The KaVo ProXam series transforms you into a superhero with ultimate insight!

Is your practice ideally equipped for a digitized future? 

There is only one solution: the KaVo ProXam Imaging series. From March, our superheroes will be available for the ultimate insight in a three-stage campaign with eye-catching visuals!

The KaVo ProXam series leaves nothing to be desired in terms of extraoral imaging, intraoral X-rays, and intraoral scanning. Choosing the KaVo ProXam series means not only choosing the classic KaVo values such as quality, reliability, and top service, but also choosing premium image quality with proven, reliable technologies.

Extraoral imaging

We offer you three different premium X-ray units for extraoral imaging: The KaVo ProXam 2D, the KaVo ProXam 3D and the KaVo ProXam 3DQ. In addition to space-saving design and high-end build-quality, the devices are characterized by simple operation, individual adaptation to each patient for optimum comfort and high-resolution, and detailed images in impressive quality even with a reduced radiation dose.

Intraoral imaging

Our intraoral KaVo ProXam portfolio ably demonstrates precision, reliability, and efficiency. Our range includes a small X-ray unit, digital sensors, an imaging plate scanner, and an intraoral scanner. The intraoral imaging series offers you maximum convenience, reliably high-quality, sharp results, and an optimally integrated workflow.

Romexis Software

Don’t forget our all-in-one software Romexis, which is the head of the pack and connects the entire ProXam Superhero team. The software forms a solid basis for simplifying every X-ray, scan, implant, and guide design workflow in the dental practice. It supports dentists in image creation as well as in the diagnostic evaluation, processing and storage of 2D and 3D X-ray images and intraoral scans and in the processing of generated CAD/CAM data.

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KaVo ProXam transforms you into a superhero with ultimate insight!