Sustainability is firmly established in the corporate policy on a voluntary basis

Opting for Dental Excellence means choosing KaVo. Based in Biberach, Germany, KaVo is one of the global leaders in the dental market and traditionally stands for high-quality products that have inspired dentists around the world for more than 110 years. When it comes to environmental management, KaVo also strives for excellence, and has set out an ambitious multi-stage plan to achieve just that.

"As an industrial company, we are involved in climate change and therefore consider it our responsibility to contribute to preserving and protecting our natural environment. Supported by the entire KaVo team, we are entirely committed to pursuing this goal," says Klaus Eisenhauer, Environmental Officer and Senior Director of Regulatory and Quality at KaVo.
The protection of the environment is firmly established in the KaVo company policy, with specifics set down as part of a comprehensive environmental management system. KaVo has also made a conscious decision to be certified according to this standard. The DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 certification been successfully completed recently.

Careful and respectful use of resources

The careful and respectful use of resources in the company is the primary focus, and has an influence on every decision, big and small – because at KaVo, environmental protection starts in every department, and with every employee. Natural resources such as energy, water or materials are used sparingly, and research is carried out into possible substitutes for environmentally hazardous substances. In addition, KaVo already uses exclusively green electricity throughout production at its two main sites in Biberach and Warthausen.

Quality that endures, promoting sustainability

Longevity pays off. KaVo has been true to this claim, showing its full commitment over the course of its long history. The high quality of KaVo products, combined with reliable customer service, maintenance and repair make it possible to achieve service lives which surpass the market average. This always pays off in the end – both for people and for the environment.

Achieving ambitious goals and taking active responsibility

KaVo's achievement of its ambitious goals, which focus primarily on improving energy efficiency and avoiding waste, are monitored by regular audits.

More precisely, KaVo will invest in renewable energies and photovoltaic technology in order to produce 15% of its electricity in-house. In addition, the consumption of energy for heating is to be reduced further by 5% compared to the previous year. A special CO 2 database will be set up so that the company's carbon footprint can be critically assessed, and CO 2 emissions can be reduced to a minimum. Last but not least, more focus will be placed on taking advantage of electric vehicles – the goal is for no less than a 100% conversion to electric cars within the KaVo pool vehicle fleet in the next three years.

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