Turbines & Couplings with more performance and safety.

Performance that gets right to the point.

More power for perfect and precise dental treatment – the tried and tested KaVo turbines are even more compelling now with new performance values.

For over 100 years, KaVo has stood for outstanding product quality and is the world's leading supplier in the dental instrument segment. More than 2,200 patents and utility models are proof of the fact that KaVo is an innovation driver and trendsetter on the dental market.

Turbines are amongst the most widely used instruments in dental practice. They are not only on par with high-speed machines in terms of performance, but also have an outstanding abrasive power. 

Compared to past performance, this has improved by approx. 50% due to the increase in operating speed from about 200,000 to almost 300,000 revolutions. 

For larger preparations in particular, this means more speed and efficiency in the workflow, making it practical to use the KaVo dental turbine. In addition, the use of a high-speed contra angle is ideal for any subsequent precision work, for example.

Dentists around the world turn to KaVo dental turbines for their reliability and precision and to achieve the highest treatment quality and safety in their everyday practice. With the SMART, EXPERT and MASTER series, KaVo offers a range of turbines for every requirement.

With the recent news from the development division, the Biberach-based company has re-affirmed its pioneering role within the global dental market. This takes the KaVo turbine portfolio and especially the MASTERtorque to a new level in terms of performance, hygiene and material quality.

With immediate effect, new performance values apply to all of the turbines. The KaVo MASTERtorque is especially impressive: with the maximum permitted drive pressure of 4.2 bar, it is possible to increase the output to well over 30 watts. That means pure power - especially for preparations with a higher application of force.

In addition to the high output, the KaVo MASTERtorque turbine also excels with sustainable premium quality, ergonomic design and very low noise levels. In addition, the Direct Stop Technology reduces the run-on time to approx. one second with no retractive suction of aerosols or particles into the unit on the drill side, which makes the turbine very safe compared to conventional versions - that's how we do things at KaVo.

The new hygiene optimum: that extra bit of security with KaVo MULTIflex couplings.

KaVo users have valued the KaVo MULTIflex couplings for years for their flexibility, quality and durability. But now there is another argument: All KaVo MULTIflex LED couplings can now be sterilised at 135 °C, and can even be disinfected in a thermal disinfector. 

With that, KaVo has not only created a new hygiene standard that can be easily and quickly integrated into the daily routine of practice hygiene, but it is also offering an additional level of safety.

All KaVo MULTIflex couplings with halogen lamps can also be converted to LEDs without complex conversion steps; simply take out the halogen lamp and insert the MULTI LED lamp.

The look has also been considered: three colours for an aesthetic appeal

The MASTERtorque turbines are not only ergonomically precise and beautifully designed, they are also available in two aesthetically-pleasing colours in addition to the classic grey: Elegant anthracite or a subtle chocolate brown give the turbines a special optical touch and enable them to be assigned to specific treatment rooms or clinicians if required.

This is quality: your extra asset for even more durability.

At the extremely high speeds, enormous forces act on the turbine – especially on the head of the instrument. The more precisely the drill is seated in its guide bush, the fewer micro-vibrations are generated that can affect the interior of the instruments. This is exactly why the new turbines of the KaVo SMARTseries, as well as the EXPERT and MASTER models, are now equipped with precision guide bushes made of carbide. That is KaVo quality in detail, which directly pays off in terms of the durability of the turbines.

These facts are compelling – and are supplemented by further features for the modern requirements of the dental practice.

KaVo quality in every detail

  • Chucks with a high retention force, durability and break resistance that are easy to change at the same time
  • High-performance ceramic ball bearings for maximum load capacity and durability, and to minimise noise
  • Passive pressure regulation to protect the ball bearings from overload


Maximum comfort

  • Ergonomically-compact design for safe, precise and healthy work practices
  • High-quality Plasmatec surfaces for optimum grip, easy cleaning and sterilisation

The Safety Plus

  • Patented head construction to reduce the retractive suction
  • Water filter is easy to exchange, for consistently precise spray performance
  • Optimal placement of the light for perfect illumination of the preparation areas
  • Sterilisable and thermally disinfectable MULTIflex coupling system


Powerful and efficient

  • Over 30 watts of power
  • Highest abrasive power with approx. 300,000/min


The KaVo instrument portfolio has been impressing dentists all over the world for decades, because now more than ever before, it stands for safe and precise treatments, as well as for longevity and cost-effectiveness. With all KaVo series, cost efficiency and investment security are a top priority, and are made possible with easily retrofittable system solutions. In combination with the highest hygiene standards, ergonomic design and aesthetic standards, no questions or wishes remain unaddressed.



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