MASTERsurg™️ LUX Wireless

  • Easy-to-use LCD touchscreen
  • 10 customisable programmes with up to 10 adjustable treatment steps and selectable parameters
  • Wireless foot control with wireless transmission for optimal usability and direct control of work steps
  • Graphic documentation and transfer of work step parameters to the SD card
  • Powerful, lightweight S600 LED surgical motor with maximum torque adjustable up to 5.5 Ncm
  • SMARTdrive function for ultra-smooth running
  • One-touch auto-calibration for maximum safety

Unparalleled ergonomic comfort in a premium design.

Even long-experienced dentists who are accustomed to convenience are wowed by the many smart features of the KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless. 

With up to ten customisable work programmes, the KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless is a convenient and highly efficient aid, no matter how challenging the surgical procedure.

MASTERsurg LUX Wireless - Premium Quality

The philosophy behind it is to provide you with comfort features that make a big difference when delivering maximum performance on a daily basis:

  • Touch Display
  • Wireless foot control and data documentation 
  • Customise with up to 10 programs, each with 10 individually programmable steps
  • Powerful and precise thanks to the S600 LED, one of the world’s lightest surgical motors
Special Features

Technical Details

Technical Specifications MASTERsurg

  • Maximum torque: 80 Ncm at the instrument
  • Speed range: 0 - 40,000 rpm
  • Power supply voltage: 100 V - 240 V
  • Input frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Pump performance: 0 - 110 ml / min

Customizable Parameters

  • 10 programs, each with individually programmable treatment steps (max. 10)
  • Change of contra-angle transmission ratio
  • Maximum speed
  • Maximum torque
  • Pump delivery (0 – 4)
  • Motor clockwise/anticlockwise
  • Selection of implant position


ArticleDescriptionMat. No.
MASTERsurg LUX Wireless surgical unitAll in one surgical unit including: Surgical motor INTRA LUX S600 LED, multifunctional wireless foot control, motor tubing for S600 LED, starter tube set (5 pieces), motor and instrument holder, bottle holder, integrated peristaltic pump and power supply1.009.120
INTRA LUX S600 LEDOne of the lightest and smallest motors (28 % lighter and 20 % shorter compared to its predecessor), can be heat disinfected and autoclaved, speed range: 0 – 40,000 rpm, max torque 5.5 Ncm (0 -12,000 U / min)/5.5 to 1.5 Ncm between 12,000 - 40,000 rpm), brushless DC motor with KaVo Mini LED1.008.8000
Hose set sterile S600Single use coolant hoses (10 pieces)1.009.8757
Motor Cable S600Flexible motor cable, can be disinfected and autoclaved, cable length 2 m 
Handpiece trayStorage tray for motor and instrument, can be disinfected and autoclaved1.009.3411
SURGmatic handpieces and contra-AnglesFor surgical procedures with the utmost precision, the KaVo SURGmatic instrument range offers a wide selection of surgical instruments with the full range of rotations, torques and application options. Strike the perfect balance between power and performance. 

Software Update 1.60

Install the free software update easily and conveniently on your MASTERsurg and benefit from the following changes:

Software version 1.60 includes an additional 1:5 transmission ratio as a selection option in the activity ‚Free use‘. The available 1:5 transmission ratio allows for the best possible integration  of the new surgical speed increasing instrument SURGmatic S15 L Pro into everyday practice. If a SURGmatic S15 L Pro is in use, the real speed of the dental bur (up to 200,000 rpm) only appears on the display of the surgical unit MASTERsurg if a gear ratio of 1:5 is selected.

Guidance for Software-Update

Download Software-Update 1.60*

Software Update 1.50




Install the free software update easily and conveniently on your MASTERsurg and benefit from the following changes:

Nobel Biocare drill protocols: Software version 1.50 enables the import of Nobel Biocare specific drill protocols including the Nobel Biocare N1™ implant system. The newly added Nobel Biocare N1™ drill protocol contains the following program steps and easy-to-understand symbols, especially designed for the new implant system.

Download Nobel Biocare drill protocools

Software-Update 1.40

New rinsing function

The "rinsing function" is a new activity you can use on your MASTERsurg. The rinsing function serves to feed coolant and to start-up the illumination on the handpiece. The motor is not activated during this process in order to protect the patient. The illumination is switched on along with this function. The supplied quantity can be controlled in stepless manner using the speed button on the foot control. To optimise the workflow of treatment, the rinsing function can be programmes as a separate work step just like any other activity. However, the function can also be activated manually by pressing the pump button on the foot control for a longer period of time.


Change of transmission ratios that can be set

The transmission ratio of 1:5 for high-speed handpieces has been replaced by a reduction ratio of 16:1. This setting is designed mainly for the common combination of the following KaVo products: INTRA surgery shank 3624 N (0.534.5660) and INTRA reducing head 67 RIC (0.540.8340). Since this contra-angle handpiece is well-suited for inserting transplants as well, it can be used in one-touch calibration.


Change of the torque profile

The torque curve has been optimised to allow an even higher torque to be reached at high speeds. Accordingly, a torque of 2.5 Ncm at 40,000 rpm is now available to the user.

The present software update applies to devices up to production date 17 Nov. 2014, whereas devices manufactured after this date include this update already.

First I defined several steps of an implantation on both of the devices. This process was very easy due to the intuitive programming. Thanks to the well balanced motor and contra-angle, I could work safely and fatigue-free. I very much liked the additional programming possibilities as well as the easy- to-clean glass touch panel. (…) Thanks to the wireless foot control, I could carry out the surgery without being disturbed by any pedal cable.
Dr. med. Severin Holl
EXPERTsurg and MASTERsurg user, Dentist Germany