Maintenance for your KaVo Unit


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operating hours

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KaVo Maintenance Kit

As a medical device manufacturer, we are obliged to stipulate maintenance activities, technical safety inspections and integrated unit tests. This approach serves two purposes: it ensures functional safety and prevents damage, health hazards and legal risks. Regular maintenance also prevents expensive downtimes and helps you to preserve the value of your unit.

KaVo recommends the annual maintenance service for your treatment units to ensure continuous operational readiness, safety and value preservation of the KaVo product. 

The annual maintenance service also helps to comply with the specifications, standards and laws in your country. Please observe the statutory provisions in your country.

Your Advantages

  • Regular maintenance protects and maintains your investment
  • Maintenance carried out in accordance with KaVo quality standards
  • Remain up to date and compliant with hygiene and maintenance standards
  • Reduces downtime and unplanned repair costs
Maintenance components
 Functional safetySafety of the dentists, dental practice team and patientsLegally required
Testing of all important functions, e.g. hygiene functions, safety switch, etc.
Cleaning the suction system, Aquamat and selection unit | Replacing wearing parts
Replacing worn parts in the water block | Inspecting for leaks
Inspecting the O-rings on the doctor’s and assistant’s element, hoses and pressures | Replacing worn parts
Check Amalgam separator
Safety inspection in accordance with IEC (DIN EN) 62353

Requirements: Safety through maintenance

All legally required checks can be performed as part of annual planned maintenance:

  • Safety checks
  • Visual inspection
  • Functional checks
  • Electrical checks
  • Check of amalgam separator (according to local regulations)

Maintenance and legally required checks are documented and serve as evidence in the surgery's certification or inspection by authorities.

Benefit from our experience

  • The scope of each one of KaVo's maintenance kits is based on many years of practical experience
  • All maintenance kits are tailored to its respective treatment unit
  • Wear parts are replaced in time and settings are corrected where required
  • Have our certified specialist dealers do your maintenance
Maintenance intervals

All maintenance is performed according to KaVo’s maintenance schedule:

1. Checks

  • As part of planned maintenance, all functions of the unit are checked.
  • You will be provided with detailed information on all necessary maintenance tasks that are not included in the maintenance contract.

2. Replacements

  • Regular exchange of wear parts in strict accordance with KaVo’s maintenance schedule.
  • Settings of your treatment unit are modified or adjusted where required.

3. Certification

All legally required checks can be performed as part of annual planned maintenance:

  • Safety checks in accordance with DIN EN 62353
  • Checks of the integrated amalgam separator (in accordance with local regulations)
  • The service technician issues a maintenance log as evidence.

1. Selective plunger

  • Check function, clean, and replace O rings
  • Disassemble and clean selective housing, replace strainers
  • Disassemble selective plunger, replace springs (E70/E80) and seals

2. Aquamat

  • Check overall function
  • Replace reservoir and clean top

3. Suction flow valve / external suction

  • Replace O ring and piston packing

4. Water unit
Check overall function / check for leakage

  • Replace water filter, membrane, and seals
  • Replace non-return valve
  • Replace plug-in filter, water inlet unit fitting and O rings
  • Check system water pressure and adjust if required

5. Patient unit

  • Tumbler spout: check operation and seal
  • Replace jet control and O ring
  • Bowl flush: check operation and seal
  • Replace spittoon bowl strainer

6. Dentist element

  • Replace return air filter
  • Disassemble and clean control valve
  • Replace plunger, O-ring, and membrane


All maintenance steps follow KaVo's maintenance schedule and are documented step by step. You will receive a maintenance log as evidence