Dental Practice Equipment

Impressively diverse.

The equipment and furniture in a modern dental practice gives it an identity, and the treatment unit is at the centre of that. For the discerning patient as well as the dentist, the treatment unit is a core feature of the future-oriented dental practice.

Dental excellence down to the smallest detail:

KaVo provides solutions to suit all your practice equipment requirements.

KaVo has created an entire range of renowned treatment units in their hallmark style and quality, catering for all contemporary dental practice needs. Whether you want to completely equip your treatment rooms or to install high-quality hygiene accessories:

KaVo treatment units have been setting standards in modern dentistry for more than 100 years.

Quality, precision, efficiency, design, ergonomics, reliability and durability have always been the core values behind every KaVo unit. 

You get to decide what suits you and your dental practice best, because: Each treatment unit should be as unique as you are and provide you with optimal support in offering your patients the best possible dental treatment.

As a full-service dental provider, KaVo offers a complete portfolio for high-quality dental practice equipment

From premium treatment units, which can be fitted with smart, integrated solutions for patient communication, as well as ergonomic dental stools, right up to intelligent, award-winning operating lights – the KaVo portfolio leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to dental practice equipment. 

The impressive range features attractive design and ergonomic details of the highest KaVo quality.

Dental Chairs

The right "KaVo" for every requirement.

Premium treatment units from KaVo: Innovation and design are merged at KaVo.
The heart of your dental practice – with a KaVo treatment unit, you make no compromises.

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KaVo Operating Lights

Perfect light for the perfect view.

Spot on – discover the world of KaVo operating lights. The best view in every treatment situation – create optimal lighting conditions with KaVo operating lights.

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KaVo Dental Stools

Ergonomics at their best.

Maintain a healthy posture during treatment – with the KaVo PHYSIO dental stools.
An ergonomic and comfortable working environment is essential to your health and wellbeing. Nothing affects your posture as much as the office chair you and your team sit on every day. This is why the KaVo dental stools are perfectly tailored to the needs of dentists and their assistants, because these attributes are absolutely essential: Ergonomics and comfort for effortless, relaxed work.

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KaVo Patient Communication

Let the facts speak for themselves.

KaVo treatment units – the most beautiful embodiment of quality and ergonomics:

  • Quality and durability
  • Modern design and optimal use of space
  • Ergonomics and comfort
  • Efficiency and reliabilit
  • Proven, automated hygiene and safety functions
  • Comfortable treatment unit and maximum patient comfort
  • Intuitive, consistent operating concept and versatile integration options

Exceptional treatment units to meet every need

KaVo is about what makes sense for you.

The KaVo treatment unit portfolio represents innovation, durability and the latest treatment options, offering exactly the right model for you and your dental practice team. 

Choose from five different treatment units based on your unique needs – from the ESTETICA E30 to the Primus 1058 Life, to the KaVo uniQa, the first treatment unit in the new premium compact class, to the premium ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision models. 

The KaVo uniQa, as well as the ESTETICA E70/80 Vision, captivate users with their integrated practice software CONNECTbase for optimal, effortless patient communication.

360° dentist equipment

KaVo offers everything you need for your dental practice.

KaVo offers the complete range of dental practice equipment – showcasing our KaVo quality: durable, reliable with innovative functions and unparalleled ergonomics. Practical patient communication is now at the forefront of modern dental practice equipment, becoming part of a patient-centred treatment concept. 

Intelligent solutions are required here – KaVo offers exciting, integrated solutions that can also be networked and expanded. In every area of practice, KaVo products represent innovation and advancement in their performance.

Outstanding technology, paired with ergonomics and intuitive operation, ensure a precise workflow, higher performance, efficiency and joy in everyday practice.

Focusing on the essentials

Maximum comfort meets proven reliability.

KaVo dental practice equipment is comfortable, reliable and ergonomic. Engineered to make your daily work routine safe, efficient and effortless – every day.

KaVo PHYSIO dental stools support the workflow and your health – they offer a comfortable seat, are individually adjustable and developed to meet your particular needs as a dentist.

In addition, the varied KaVo portfolio for dental practice equipment offers everything you need:

  • Treatment units
  • Work chairs
  • Operating lights
  • Patient communication
  • Hygiene

For first-time business owners

KaVo is at your side – right from the start.

You will only set up your first dental practice once in a lifetime – and you may have a lot of questions during this time KaVo will be by your side if you have any questions relating to starting a business and offers many exclusive additional benefits for the first 3 years of self-employment – for a perfect start in your own dental practice.

  • Training courses
  • Consulting services
  • Instructions
  • Special offers

… and much more

Here you will find all the information for first-time business owners.