KaVo Primus 1058 Life™

  • Modern patient chair for excellent ergonomics and high treatment comfort
  • Slim chair design, load capacity up to 185 kg, integrated Trendelenburg movement
  • Continuously adjustable patient chair (lowest position: 350 mm; highest position: 830 mm)
  • Dentist element with integrated display and direct access buttons
  • Five integrated instrument holders
  • Table, swing arm or cart versions
  • Available as a right-handed or left-handed unit
  • Optionally available with COMPACTchair for getting on and off easily, even for patients with impaired mobility

Dependability day after day.

The KaVo Primus 1058 Life has already won over thousands of dentists worldwide and offers KaVo quality at an excellent price. 

Available as a right-handed or left-handed unit in table, swing arm or cart versions.

Rely on it.

Discover the KaVo Primus 1058 Life.


The easy-to-operate dentist element: Sophisticated simplification

Whether you perform the treatment sitting down or standing up, the dentist element of your Primus 1058 Life supports you through its sophisticated ergonomics. Avoid stretching or twisting. Optimised access assures efficient processes

Configure your dentist element to perfectly match your requirements. You can configure five handpiece trays and still make modifications later on. This allows you flexibility for the future.

Enjoy saving time thanks to more direct buttons for automatic functions. Clarity is maintained with the keypad and the integrated display.

Ideal for all requirements.

You can configure the KaVo Primus 1058 Life to your personal requirements and practices. 

The height of the patient chair, which can be steplessly adjusted between 350 mm and 830 mm, ensures optimum ergonomic conditions, irrespective of whether you are treating the patient sitting down or standing up.

Good for you. Good for your patients.

Adapt the flexible reversible cushion and the double-jointed headrest optimally for the indication or size of the patient. If your patient is well positioned, you can work comfortably.

Progress backrest: optimum working posture and optimum access for the dentist.

Simply comfortable: the double-jointed headrest can be operated with just one hand and has a rotatable head cushion.

Hygiene easy and safe

Your Primus 1058 Life is very easy to clean. Major components such as the silicone mat, handpiece tray, swing-arm bracket and spittoon bowl detach easily for disinfection purposes. All surfaces and contaminated parts are easy to clean.

Permanent germ reduction with added KaVo OXYGENAL 6 reduces the proliferation of algae and germs. Smooth surfaces and removable protective covers and handpiece trays make cleaning easier. Due to the hygienic handles, the suction filters can be easily and safely exchanged.

Protect lines from contaminated water

The water block with free water inlet fulfils the high benchmarks of the DVGW standard. Moreover, continuous germ reduction with KaVo OXYGENAL 6 ensures the permanent reduction of bacteria and germs. With the intensive germ reduction programme, you will protect your patients against micro-organisms that may form to an increased level of infestation, at times of extended stagnation, such as over weekends or holidays.

Minimise risks by using the RKI rinsing program

Meet the requirements of the current RKI guidelines. Your Primus 1058 Life performs standardised and automatic rinsing of instruments at the start of the working day and after work on each patient.

The cleaning force of the water – HYDROclean

Start the automated HYDROclean programme for the cleaning of the amalgam separation, suction and drainage systems of your treatment unit with water. Reduce downtimes and maintenance costs.

More protection due to milder retractive suction effect

An automatic retractive suction stop on KaVo instruments and motors prevents contaminated spray water from being sucked into the treatment unit. Consequently, the water supply system is reliably protected.


Dentist element in 3 variants:

The easy-to-operate dentist element: sophisticated simplification.

Whether you perform the treatment sitting down or standing up, the dentist element of your Primus 1058 Life supports you through its sophisticated ergonomics. Avoid stretching or twisting. Optimised access assures efficient processes.

  • The table version: Even more freedom of motion for an ergonomic work technique in any treatment position
  • The swing-arm version: Better extension lengths and hygienic hose guide. Helps well-balanced handpieces rest perfectly in your hand.
  • The cart version: More mobility combined with simple operation. Just put your cart aside when needed.

COMPACTchair – A place for feeling comfortable.

Provide a comfortable entry and exit point for patients who are less mobile.

The KaVo COMPACTchair bends at the knee and back.

This also creates a more intimate consulting environment, allowing you to advise your patients while they are seated and then to treat them while they are lying down.

Left or right? Always correct!

All about the Primus 1058 Life:

KaVo Patient Communication

Let the facts speak for themselves.

Equipment options

Patient chair 
Soft upholstery
RELAXline soft upholstery
Comfort head cushion
Double-jointed with rotary wheel
Double-jointed with push button

●  Standard equipment  
❍ Optional equipment 
x  Must be selected
–  Not available
* Only with COMPACTchair patient chair

Dentist element   
Turbine hose
KL-Motor 701
KL-Motor 703 LED
Minilght 3F
Triple function handpiece
Multi function handpiece
PiezoLED ultrasonic scaler
MEMOspeed display indication-rel.
SONICflex sonic scaler
MEMOspeed display indication-rel.
Panoramic X-ray viewer, (mounted to light mounting post)4
Panoramic X-ray viewer
Tray holder for US trayxx
Tray holder for single standard trayxx
Tray holder for 2 standard trays
Spray heating for instruments
Bell function key

●  Standard equipment  
❍ Optional equipment 
x  Must be selected
–  Not available
*  Not suitable for placing under a tabletop
** Not in conjunction with multimedia

Assistant element 
Spray mist suction
Saliva ejector
2nd Saliva ejector
Minilght 3F
Triple function handpiece
Multi function handpiece
Curing light Satelec MiniLED
Support for tray holder
Swivelling and height-adjustable assistant element*
Right/left swivelling and height-adjustable assistant element
Suction tube guide
Selective support kit

●  Standard equipment  
❍ Optional equipment 
x  Must be selected
–  Not available
*  Not with COMPACTchair patient chair

Unit body 
Porcelain/Glass spittoon bowlx
Permanent germ reduction*
Intensive germ reduction**
Warm water heater

●  Standard equipment  
❍ Optional equipment 
x  Must be selected
–  Not available
*  Only with DVGW water block or DVGW water bottle
**  Only in conjunction with DVGW water block

Supply system 
Water block DVGWx
Water block compactx
Water bottle DVGWx
Low-pressure regulator
Connection to external device
Disposal system 
External suctionx
DÜRR amalgam separatorx
DÜRR automatic separatorx
Solids collector kitx

●  Standard equipment  
❍ Optional equipment 
x  Must be selected
–  Not available

Patient communication 
KaVo Screen One
KaVo Screen HD
KaVo intraoral camera
KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD
KaVo PHYSIO Evo / Evo F
Operating light MAIA LED
Light attachment bar
Adapter for light attachment bar
Patient service box
Service table 1568
DEKASEPTOL Gel basic set

●  Standard equipment  
❍ Optional equipment 
x  Must be selected
–  Not available

Configurator for KaVo uniQa

A treatment unit as unique as you are – no problem with the KaVo treatment unit configurator!
Using the KaVo treatment unit configurator, you can assemble your new and unique treatment unit according to your specific needs and requirements.

Start configuring now

Supplements for the Primus 1058 Life: