KaVo ProXam iX

  • Particularly small focal point of just 0.4 mm for exquisitely sharp images
  • Variable exposure parameters for optimal contrast and the right grey scales at all times
  • Extra-long tube for ideal image geometry and reliably distortion-free images
  • Speed dial preferences for various applications and simple, intuitive operation
  • Flexible installation options (wall or treatment unit)
  • Optional full integration into the popular, all-in-one Romexis software (e.g. with automatic transmission of the exposure parameters)
  • Option to directly integrate ProXam iS sensors

The KaVo ProXam iX enables intraoral X-rays at the highest level: designed for intuitive operation, precise positioning and a simple imaging process, the unit is a pleasure to use every day. 

Thanks to the extremely small focal point and the variable exposure parameters, the 2D image results of this small X-ray unit are more than compelling.

KaVo ProXam iX in video:

KaVo ProXam iX - Demo Video

KaVo ProXam Imaging Portfolio

Impressive quality across a wide range of diagnostic applications.

The small focal point (only 0.4 mm) of the ProXam iX offers the best conditions for incredibly sharp images and its variable exposure parameters ensure optimal contrast and suitable greyscale settings at all times. 

The extra-long tube creates an accurate image geometry and guarantees a distortion-free display of the image results.

Simple and user-friendly with versatile installation options.

Wherever the KaVo ProXam iX is used – the unit can be attached either directly to the treatment unit or to the wall. 

With five different arm lengths and seven different tubes and collimators, the ProXam iX offers a variety of individual setting options and a wide range of uses.

Pre-programmed adult and child modes are available for the numerous areas of application: 

  • Periapical application 
  • Occlusal application 
  • Bitewing or endodontic images 

Alternatively, all important exposure value parameters can be set separately:

  • 60 – 70 kV 
  • 2 – 8 mA 
  • 0.01 – 2 seconds exposure time

As much as necessary, as little as possible – the optimal dose of radiation.


The KaVo ProXam iX works according to the ALADA principle, abbreviated to "As low as diagnostically acceptable". ALADA means that the emitted dose of radiation per X-ray is only as high as absolutely necessary to generate a diagnostically good image.

The required exposure values are automatically retrieved based on the unit's selected setting and the lowest possible radiation dose for the image is calculated. A rectangular tube can also be used to further reduce the radiation dose, which focuses the radiation on a smaller image area.

Top Advantages
  • Easy and accurate positioning, stable arm, very light weight and compact size 
  • Very long range (203 cm) 
  • Hygienic surfaces 
  • Hand-held remote control or fixed panel, remotely installable 
  • Small focal spot, automatic compensation for mains voltage fluctuation 
  • Adjustable anode voltage (60, 63, 66 and 70 kV) 
  • Adjustable anode current 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 mA 
  • 24 visually detectable density levels of the exposure times 
  • 11 levels of density for different films 
  • Pre-programmable exposure parameters 
  • Optimised image quality for all techniques, outstanding definition and sharpness
  • Short and long tube (200 and 300 mm), density compensation for different tubes 
  • Right angle tube for better radiation hygiene 
  • Automatic switch-on control 
  • Self-diagnostic system and help codes



  • Wall mounting (default) 
  • KaVo treatment unit integration 
  • 5 selectable extension arms 
  • Tube head design: near the patient's chest during occlusal imaging 
  • Each KaVo ProXam iX X-ray unit is prepared for use of the KaVo ProXam iS sensors. The sensors can be attached directly to the X-ray source.

Full digital integration with Romexis.

Full integration into the Romexis software platform is possible. In combination with the ProXam iS sensors and the optionally available connector box, the exposure parameters can be automatically transferred to Romexis and stored in the respective patient file. This eliminates the need to enter the data manually at a later time.

Product Information Romexis Software

Technical specification

KaVo ProXam iX 
Generator Direct voltage, microprocessor-controlled, operating frequency 66 kHz
X-ray tubeToshiba D-041SB
Focal spot0.4 mm according to IEC 60336
Tube diameter60 mm, round
36×45 mm, rectangular
 Filtrationmin. 2,5 mm Al
Anode Voltage60, 63, 66, 70 kV; ±1 kV
adjustable work area
Rise time8 ms at 70 kV
Anode Current2 – 8 mA DC, 1mA steps
Exposure times0.01- 2.0 seconds, 24 stages
Focus skin distance (standard/ long)Round (200 mm/ 300 mm)
rectangular (300 mm/ 340 mm)
Mains voltage100/110-115/220-240 ±10%, 50/60Hz
Fusing15 AT/ 8 AT
Duty cycle1:30, automatic control
Weight33 kg total x-ray emitter: 4.2 kg with standard tube, 4.5 kg with long tube Range
Range152 cm, 165 cm, 178 cm, 191 cm, 203 cm


IIntegrated iX/iS Ethernet interface
for direct connection of the KaVo ProXam iS sensors to the KaVo ProXam iX x-ray unit
Mat. No.: 2.023.2051

ProXam iX Connector Box  
for an automatic transmission of the exposure parameters of KaVo ProXam iX to ROMEXIS  
Mat. No.: 2.023.1052

30 cm round tube
Long tube for focused radiation  
Mat. No.: 2.023.1053

35 cm rectangular tube  
Rectangular tube for focused radiation   
Mat. No.: 2.023.1059

Rectangular collimator 30x23mm sensor S0
For ProXam iS sensor size 0 
Mat. No.: 2.023.1058

Rectangular collimator 38x25mm sensor S1 
For ProXam iS sensor size 1
Mat. No.: 2.023.1057

Rectangular collimator 43 x 31 mm sensor S2
For ProXam iS sensor size
Mat. No.: 2.023.1056

Rectangular collimator 43x33 mm scanner
For film
Mat. No.: 2.023.1054

Rectangular collimator 42x23 mm scanner
For film
Mat. No.: 2.023.1055

Nástěnný spína
Číslo materiálu: 2.023.1051

Telephone cable, 12 m 
For the remote use of the manual remote control, e.g. outside the x-ray room
Mat. No.: 2.023.1060

Wall socket 
for the remote use of the manual remote control, e.g. outside the x-ray room
Mat. No.: 2.023.1061