• Optimal ergonomic comfort thanks to adjustable height
  • Customisable with freely selectable system components
  • Height adjustment between 82 and 94.5 cm
  • Option of integrating KaVo SMARTair Evo
  • Flexible workstation solutions for left- and right-handed users
  • Hand-held air extraction nozzle screen, fixed screen or container with single-place extraction box can also be retrofitted on the left or right
  • Hot-dip-galvanised, powder-coated metal frame
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Wide range of colours and materials

The flexible KaVo workspace solution for dental laboratories and practices.

Stay flexible: KaVo FLEXspace features a high level of flexibility and ergonomic design, offering you complete freedom when it comes to planning and designing your dental laboratory workspace. Whether you’re planning a single workspace for left-handed or right-handed users or are looking to equip an entire laboratory.

Customisable to the max.

  • Completely customisable with full choice of system components
  • Ergonomically perfect working position thanks to integrated height adjustment
  • Variable positioning of the air nozzle and handpiece leadthrough for left- and right-handers, even retrospectively
  • The myriad installation options mean that KaVo FLEXspace can adapt to any space.

Create the personal workstation you desire.

  • Flexible round, star island variations for 1, 2, 3, 4 people
  • Individual and modular configuration or available as a package with a package price advantage 
  • Optimum ergonomics thanks to the height adjustment feature; can be adjusted from 82 to 94.5 cm in 6 positions 
  • Flexible workstation for left and right-handed users 
  • Hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated metal frame
  • Integrated DGUV-tested KaVo SMARTair Evo single-user workstation dust extraction system or with connection to the central extraction system 
  • Wide range of accessories, additional function package (LED work light, shelf, arm rests) 
  • Wide selection of front panels and table top colours, protective panel 
  • Quick assembly

Central module

On the upper half you can choose between:

  • 50 mm waste drawer
  • Dust extraction panel for EXTRAmatic or central extraction system
  • SMARTair evo

On the lower half you can choose between:

  • 50 mm waste drawer
  • 20 mm/30 mm waste drawers

Module for left-/right-hander

If necessary, you can simply change the side for the air nozzle and handpiece leadthrough without the need for additional parts, even years down the line. For the other side, choose between the drawer or a fixed panel. Create your perfect workstation!


FLEXspace „Comfort“ package

1 x base unit | 1 x waste drawer 50 | 1 x SMARTair Evo | 1 x extraction hood, front table | 1 x suspended container 222 | 1 x laminate top, straight | 2 x side panels metal/gas/electric/ DL connections 
Mat. no. 1.003.6375

FLEXspace „Elegance" package

"Elegance" package 1 x base unit | 1 x waste drawer 50 | 1 x SMARTair Evo FLEXspace 1 x suspended container 123 | 1 x optional drawer 2R | 1 x extraction hood, front table | 1 x laminate top, straight | 1 x ROCKdent inlay | 2 x side panels metal/decor | Gas/electric/DL connections | Safety burner hose 
Mat. no. 1.003.6376

FLEXspace Function package

Contains: LED light, shelf and arm rests 
Mat. no. 1.012.0500


FLEXspace LED light Taneo TND

  • Movable light with fixed connection and rotatable head joint 
  • Continuous dimming up to 10% with memory function 
  • Colour temperature: neutral white 5,000 K 
  • Colour rendering: >90 
  • Power consumption: approx. 30 W 
  • Voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz 
  • Luminaire luminous flux: approx. 2000 lm 
  • Includes adaptor for mounting on FLEXspace TAP 
  • Quick assembly
  • Mat.-Nr. 1.012.0400

SMARTair Evo FLEXspace

For integration into FLEXspace workstations. Includes 2 filter bags and ultra-fine filters and blower box holder with connecting hose 

Mat. no. 1.010.4076

Product information SMARTair Evo

Optional elements

Design your table individually with optional elements such as side panels, shelves, light, and board.

  • Side options
    Metal side panel plus interior decoration, available in ten colours. Side shelf for 90° endpiece.
  • AS board
    Board for work trays optionally available.

Panel materials (total height 4 cm) 

  • FORMdent (plastic-coated, water-proof, non-glare and/or finely structured surface, non-detachable cast edge on all sides, easy-care)
  • STEELdent(stainless steel plate, 1.25 mm thick, with anti-drumming coating and support panel, easy-care surfaces with all-round bead and/or raised edge; all fittings are welded in)
  • TERRAdent(highly resistant tiles with epoxy resin joints, acid- and heat-resistant)
  • ROCKdent(impact-, pressure- and abrasion-resistant; anti-stick surface prevents bonding to dental materials; made from an environmentally friendly material)


You have a choice: The individuality of the challenges in your work is reflected in your perception of a subtle or offensively-minded colour choice. KaVo FLEXspace offers you a wide range of materials and colours for worktops and fronts to choose from.

  • Rockdent: Possible for functional area and as benchtop-inlay for the technical workplace
  • Sunflower: As long as stocks last
  • Colours may look different on the screen.


Laminat Carrara

Laminat Anthracite


Gentian Blue




Table top coatings

Laminat Carrara

Laminat Anthracite

Multiplex Beech

ROCKdent / ROCKdent plus

KaVo FLEXspace range wins the iF Design Award.

The iF Design Award is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world and receives more than 1,800 entries from 30 countries every year. The top international designers on the jury not only select the award winners, but also attest to the special status of the iF Award and the iF brand, which are a byword for quality.

FLEXspace took part in the competition, in the Product Design category. The jury identified a new trend, whereby products in the capital goods sector showed particular innovation and outstanding design solutions.