SONICflex™️ Tips

  • Over 50 different tips
  • Pleasant, substance-friendly treatment with approx. 6,000 Hz oscillating tip movement
  • Flexible power adjustment according to indication, from powerful to gentle/minimally invasive

Over 50 different tips and therefore more possibilities for your air scaler.

Available for: Prophylaxis, Endodontics, Periodontics, Minimally invasive caries therapy, Preparation. Ensuring successful, minimally-invasive treatment.

Air scaler KaVo SONICflex - your daily head start in terms of performance.

KaVo SONICflex is certainly the dental instrument with a very broad range of use in dentistry:

  • Prophylaxis
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Minimally invasive caries therapy
  • Preparation

This air scaler supports your efforts with adjustable performance levels for a myriad of indications – strong and precise.

Product Information SONICflex Airscaler


Torque wrench
Mat. No. 1.000.4887

Mat. No. 0.411.0892

SONICflex Tips Overview


for SONICflex 2000N, 2000L, 2003 / L




for SONICflex 2008 / L / LS 
ApplicationKaVo tip nameMat. No.No.Mat. No.No.
Calculus removalSONICflex scaler tip universal0.571.5171No. 51.005.8949No. 5A
 SONICflex scaler tip crescent0.571.5181No. 61.005.8950No. 6A
 SONICflex scaler tip Perio0.571.5191No. 71.005.3951No. 7A
 SONICflex scaler tip perio extra-long0.571.5371No. 81.006.1953No. 8A
 SONICflex scaler tip set1.000.4983set1.005.9328set A
 SONICflex tip for brush attachments0.571.0401No. 481.006.1982No. 48A


Cleaning the root surface


SONICflex paro tip, long, straight0.571.7402No. 601.006.1934No. 60A
 SONICflex paro tip, long, left0.571.7412No. 611.006.1935No. 61A
 SONICflex paro tip, long, right0.571.7422No. 621.006.1936No. 62A
 SONICflex paro tip set0.571.3712set1.006.2020set A
 SONICflex rootplaner tip bud, small, left0.571.5621No. 241.006.1957No. 24A
 SONICflex rootplaner tip button, small, right0.571.5631No. 251.006.1959No. 25A
 SONICflex rootplaner tip button, small, universal0.571.5641No. 261.006.1961No. 26A
 SONICflex rootplaner tip button, large, perio0.571.5651No. 271.006.1963No. 27A


Cleaning the implant neck


SONICflex tip implan1.003.8167No. 481.006.2027No. 48A


Retrograde root canal treatment


SONICflex retro tip isthmus, left0.571.7322No. 561.006.2040No. 56A
 SONICflex retro tip isthmus, right0.571.7332No. 571.006.2041No. 57A
 SONICflex retro tip cylinder, small, left0.571.5541No. 161.006.2036No. 16A
 SONICflex retro tip cylinder, small, right0.571.5581No. 171.006.2035No. 17A
 SONICflex retro tip t-shape, small, left0.571.5521No. 201.006.2037No. 20A
 SONICflex retro tip t-shape, small, right0.571.5561No. 211.006.2038No. 121
 SONICflex retro tip anterior tooth0.571.7342No. 551.006.2039No. 55A


Locating and preparing the root canal


SONICflex endo tip button, small, diamond coated1.000.5825No. 661.006.1992No. 66A
 SONICflex endo tip conical, 125°, diamond coated1.000.5822No. 671.006.1994No. 67A
 SONICflex endo tip conical, 112°, diamond coated1.000.5823No. 681.006.1996No. 68A
 SONICflex endo tip button, large, diamond coated1.000.5827No. 691.006.1998No. 69A
 SONICflex endo tip conical, 117°, tip not diamond coated1.000.5821No. 701.006.2000No. 70A
 SONICflex endo clean tip 961.006.2045No. 961.007.1142No. 96A
 SONICflex endo clean needles 0151.006.2042-1.006.2042-
 SONICflex endo clean needles 0201.006.2043-1.006.2043-
 SONICflex endo clean needles 0251.006.2044-1.006.2044-


Minimally-invasive caries therapy


SONICflex seal tip1.000.8323No. 451.007.1506No. 45A
 SONICflex micro torpedo tip, mesial, diamond coated0.571.6741No. 281.006.1965No. 28A
 SONICflex micro torpedo tip, mesial, diamond coated0.571.6731No. 291.006.1967No. 29A
 SONICflex micro tip, small hemisphere, mesial, diamond coated0.571.6811No. 301.006.1969No. 30A
 SONICflex micro tip, small hemisphere, distal, diamond coated0.571.6801No. 311.006.1971No. 31A
 SONICflex micro tip, large hemisphere, mesial, diamond coated0.571.6831No. 321.006.1973No. 32A
 SONICflex micro tip, large hemisphere, distal, diamond coated0.571.6821No. 331.006.1975No. 33A
 SONICflex micro tip set0.571.0421set1.006.2023set A
 SONICflex bevel Spitze, mesial, diamond coated0.571.7392No. 581.006.1988No. 58A
 SONICflex bevel tip, distal, diamond coated0.571.7382No. 591.006.1990No. 59A
 SONICflex bevel set A0.571.0391set  
 SONICflex cariex D tip, spherical, small, diamond coated1.000.7105No. 421.006.1980No. 42A
 SONICflex cariex D tip, spherical, large diamond coated1.000.7167No. 431.006.1981No. 43A
 SONICflex cariex TC tip, spherical, small, hard metal1.000.7362No. 711.006.2002No. 71A
 SONICflex cariex TC tip, spherical, large, hard metal1.000.7363No. 721.006.2004No. 72A




SONICflex prep gold tip, mesial, diamond coated0.571.7212No. 491.006.1983No. 49A
 SONICflex prep gold tip, distal, diamond coated0.571.7222No. 501.006.1984No. 50A
 SONICflex prep ceram tip, mesial, diamond coated0.571.7262No. 511.006.1985No. 51A
 SONICflex prep ceram tip, distal, diamond coated0.571.7272No. 521.006.198&No. 52A
 SONICflex prep ceram set A0.571.0341Set1.006.2029set A
 SONICflex prep CAD/CAM tip, mesial, diamond coated1.002.1984No. 341.006.1977No. 34A
 SONICflex prep CAD/CAM tip, distal, diamond coated1.002.1986No. 351.006.1979No. 35A
 SONICflex CAD/CAM set A1.002.1988set1.006.2024set A
 SONICflex cem tip0.571.5431No. 121.006.2021No. 12A
 SONICflex crown prep 97 radius1.008.6383No. 971.008.6384No. 97A
 SONICflex crown prep 98 level1.008.6385No. 981.008.6386No. 98A