ARCUSdigma™ 3

  • Precise information about temporomandibular joint movement in record time
  • Fast, precise articulator programming with KaVoTransfer
  • Increased measuring accuracy thanks to the optical measuring method for profound temporomandibular joint diagnostics
  • Easy operation with wireless data gathering
  • Modular, upgradeable software concept – can be adapted to your needs
  • System does not use a facebow

Measure movement of the temporomandibular joint precisely and in real time.

Get precise information about the movement paths of the temporomandibular joints and the incisal point in real time, then view them in 3D. KaVo ARCUSdigma 3 provides reliable assistance with temporomandibular joint diagnostics and enhances safety, even in large restorations. 

Advantages of KaVo ARCUSdigma 3 at a glance

  • Records temporomandibular joint (TMJ) movements quickly
  • Assists in the effortless design and development of simple and complex dental prosthesis
  • Fast and precise articulator programming
  • Measurements for in-depth temporomandibular joint diagnostics
  • Safety for the practitioner – even with major restorations



  • Simple and time-saving operation through wireless data acquisition
  • Increased measuring accuracy thanks to the optical measuring process
  • Modular, retrofittable software concept - adaptable to your needs
  • Upper jaw bite fork with markings: Suitable for connection to intraoral scanner and CAD software

Software module

  • PROTARevo* - Quickly measures values for programming the articulator
  • Jaw relation* - Support in recording the jaw relation
  • Functional analysis - Analysis of movements of the lower jaw 
  • EPA - Identification of certain positions, e.g. pain positions
  • Other articulators - Programming values for Artex, Stratos and SAM articulators
  • CSV export
  • Database configuration
  • Licence extension


* Included in the ARCUSdigma 3 scope of delivery by default

Simplest data transfer (KaVo Transfer System)

Thanks to the unique KaVo Transfer System (KTS for short), there is no need to use a face bow.

The upper jaw model is automatically placed in the centre of the KaVo PROTARevo articulator. The ARCUSdigma 3 software calculates the dynamic setting parameters for the position of the model in the PROTARevo articulator. Difficulties in positioning the model in the articulator, as can occur when using a face bow, are a thing of the past. The ARCUSdigma software transfers the dynamic gnathological parameters to the patient casts in the articulator.

Alternatively, traditional transfer with a face bow via the arbitrary axis is still possible.

What is gnathological motion analysis needed for?

  • Assists technicians to significantly improve occlusal morphology by simulating patient jaw movements
  • Fewer corrections needed in the mouth 
  • Less adjustments to the sensitive high-performance ceramic restorative materials


Time savings

  • Measurement takes less than five minutes
  • Thanks to the integrated KaVo Transfer System (KTS), a face bow is no longer required
  • Few corrections when placing restorations 

Reliability of the process for the dental technician

  • The determined (KTS) values can be transferred to the articulator easily by the dental technician 
  • Simpler, easier process for checking the bite compared to the classic procedure with the help of dynamic wax registrations 

Reliability of the process for the dentist

  • Reproducible and verifiable determination of the patient's centric lower jaw position
  • Various software modules for in-depth diagnostics
  • Ability to display different TMJ positions graphically and their comparison (software module EPA)
  • Ability to display jaw movements graphically for diagnostic purposes
  • Therapeutic results can be checked and documented by superimposing the measurements (software module functional diagnostics)

Scope of delivery, Technical Details & Accessories

  • Electronic face bow
  • Lower jaw sensor
  • Foot control
  • C-arm
  • Accessories
  • Transport case
  • Upper jaw bite fork for AD3 (5 pieces)
  • Lower jaw attachment
  • Bite fork adaptor
  • KaVo ARCUSdigma 3 software suite
  • Licence for installation on up to three devices
Technical Details 
Face bow 
Face bow measurements222 X 60 X 250 mm
Weight 208 g
Power supply 5V DC / 2,5W
(USB for battery charging)
Max. imagery rate  
Positional accuracy in the occlusal area ± 0,05 mm (x, y, z); 
ROM 15 mm
Connection socket Push-Pull-plug /
PC interfaces WLAN / USB
Operating system  Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Lower jaw sensor 
Measurements 67 x 15 x 45 mm
Weight 15 g
Battery life Image recording: ~ 5 days
Standby: ~ 17 months


  • 1.014.6305 Inductive charger


  • 1.005.4121 PROTARevo Digma
  • 3.002.2682 Transfer table for upper jaw bite fork AD3

Software Module

  • 1.014.6240 3D analysis and EPA
  • 1.014.6239 Support of external articulators 
  • 1.014.6243 CSV export
  • 1.014.6242 Database configuration
  • 1.014.6241 Licence extension

Software maintenance

  • 1.013.7000 Software maintenance contract
  • 1.012.6666 Software update

Calculation tool for number of software updates required for ARCUSdigma 3 (Excel) ->



  • 3.002.6032 Upper jaw bite fork for AD3 (5 pieces)
  • 3.002.2846 Bite fork adaptor
  • 1.000.9291 Lower jaw attachment