KaVo ProXam iP

  • User-friendly, simple operation
  • Compact and quiet for that extra bit of comfort
  • 100% exposure for comprehensive image sections
  • Automatic error prevention for smooth scanning and easy identification of imaging plates
  • Extra thin and flexible imaging plates in 3 sizes
  • 2D high-end scanning technology for premium image quality
  • Optional full integration into the popular all-in-one Romexis software

The KaVo ProXam iP imaging plate scanner can be situated in the treatment room or the X-ray room, or anywhere else in the practice, for fast, easy and uncomplicated workflows. The KaVo ProXam iP is quiet, compact and impressive with convenient features such as the large scan area with 100% exposure and automatic error avoidance.

KaVo ProXam iP in video:

KaVo ProXam iP - Demo Video

KaVo ProXam Imaging Portfolio

Compact and quiet for that extra bit of comfort.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the KaVo ProXam iP imaging plate scanner can be conveniently used in the treatment room or in a separate X-ray room (also wall-mounted). 

In both cases, users will be impressed by its extremely quiet scanning process.


An imaging plate that has it all.

The KaVo ProXam iP imaging plates are extra thin and flexible. Equipped with a digital serial number, the exposures per foil are counted, simplifying identification and replacement of defective foils. 

The imaging plates also score points in terms of sustainability: due to the high-quality workmanship and the automatic deletion function, they can be reused for a particularly long time. 

The KaVo ProXam iP is available in different sizes: 

  • Size 0 – for use with children, for example, for single tooth or bitewing exposures. 
  • Size 1 – ideal for exposures in the anterior region. 
  • Size 2 – suitable for bitewing shots, for example.

Matching disposable light protection covers are available in all three sizes to ensure the necessary process safety. They not only protect the imaging plates from light, but also from dirt and contamination. Similar to the imaging plates, the matching cassettes are also available in three sizes and can be disinfected for hygiene safety.

Safer workflow with automatic avoidance of errors.

As part of the KaVo imaging portfolio, the KaVo ProXam iP is naturally compatible with the Romexis all-in-one software. 

One particular advantage here is that the software automatically recognises the correct imaging plate side and reports potential errors if the plate is incorrectly positioned in the scanner. This avoids time-consuming errors and provides security for a quick and smooth workflow.

With high-end scan technology for premium image quality.

2D scan technology... a technical highlight of the KaVo ProXam iP: an integrated, swivelling mirror ensures that the imaging plate does not have to be moved mechanically during the scanning process. 

This prevents motion artefacts on the image and blurring. The particularly small pixel size of 30 µm, along with the excellent resolution of up to 16.7 lp/mm, form the foundation for clarity of even the smallest details of every image

Fewer features for more comfort.

In addition to its compact and practical design, the KaVo ProXam iP's operating panel is extremely smart and simple: there is only one switch to turn the scanner on and off. 

The rest of the unit is operated via a display that gives direct visual feedback from the scan. Scanning couldn't be easier.

Top Advantages
  • Compact and elegant scanner with low space requirement 
  • Durability and maintenance-free 
  • Ideal for chair-side use 
  • Easy and intuitive operation 
  • Scanning process protects the imaging plates 
  • Automatic deletion of the data after every scan 
  • Easy infection control thanks to light protection covers 
  • Fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Imaging plates in sizes 0, 1 and 2 
  • 100% of the imaging plate is exposed 
  • Ergonomic design: rounded edges, lean and wireless 
  • White rear for improved visibility 
  • Equipped with RFID chip: exposures can be counted and imaging plates tracked 
  • Automatic error detection in Romexis software id the wrong side of the imaging plate is exposed

Technical specifications

Imaging plate scanner 
Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) Class 1
Laser class according to EN 60825-1:2014: 1Class 1
General technical specifications 
167 x 231 x 216 mm
Weightapprox. 4 kg
Duty cycle100%
Noise level during scanning process    approx. 45 dB (A)
Scanning time20 seconds
Display delay~26 seconds*
Expected service life8 Years
Network connection 
LAN technology Ethernet
Standard IEEE 802.3u
 Data rate100 Mbit/s
Connection typeAuto MDI-X
Cable type ≥ CAT5
Electrical data imaging plate scanner 
Rated voltage24 V DC
Max. power consumption0.5 A
Maximum Line Power Rating< 12 W
Class of protectionII
Electrical data power supply  100 - 240 V AC  50/60 Hz  24 V DC  
Nominal input voltage 100 - 240 V AC
Frequency50/60 Hz
Nominal output voltage24 V DC
Max. output current0.5 A

*Time of imaging plate is inserted into the scanner until the image is shown on the screen. The time can vary according to the work station and configuration used.


Light protection cover size 0, 100 piece
Mat. No.: 2.023.3004

Light protection cover size 1, 100 piece
Mat. No.: 2.023.3005

Light protection cover size 2
300 piece Mat. No.: 2.023.3006 
1.000 piece Mat. No.: 2.023.3007

Cassette size 0
Mat. No.: 2.023.3011

Cassette size 1
Mat. No.: 2.023.3012

Cassette size 2
Mat. No.: 2.023.3013

Storage box for imaging plates
Mat. No.: 2.023.3014

Quart Set for KaVo ProXam iS/ ProXam iP
Mat. No.: 2.023.3003

Wall mounting plate wide
Mat. No.: 2.023.3002