KaVo RELAXline™️ upholstery

  • Ultra-soft leather-look upper material with hand-embroidered designer stitching
  • Comfy memory foam that adapts perfectly to every patient's body
  • Pleasant, relaxed feel even during long treatments
  • Available in three fresh, on-trend colours

A beautiful addition to your practice and extra comfort for your patients.

Want to make your patients more comfortable in the chair, while giving your KaVo treatment unit an exclusive makeover? Then KaVo RELAXline upholstery is just the thing. Ultra-soft leather-look RELAXline comfort upholstery featuring hand-sewn designer stitching is available in three fresh, on-trend colours.


Handmade, available in elegant colours:
  • Soft upholstery made of memory foam and a leatherette cover
  • Attractive, soft-cover that looks and feels like leather
  • Cover is antimicrobial protection certified, in accordance with EPA regulations (United States Environmental Protection Agency)
  • High-quality, hand-sewn designer stitching
  • Exclusively manufactured by hand in Germany
  • For seat cushions, the Progress and Comfort backrests, double-joint headrest with mechanical/pneumatic locking and motorised headrest
  • Agave Line Edition: additional coloration by colour-matching paint for the KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

Style meets softness in Graphite, Cashmere & Agave

RELAXline Cashmere

RELAXline Graphite

RELAXline Agave

RELAXline Soft upholstery: So soft, so relaxing, so stylish

The KaVo RELAXline soft upholstery is available in elegant colours: the graphite, cashmere and agave shades instantly captivate your eyes, and fit perfectly with the décor of a modern dental practice.

On a closer look, the intricate details become apparent: The precise, high-quality, hand-sewn designer stitching serves as proof of the fact that the KaVo RELAXline soft upholstery is exclusively manufactured by hand in Germany.