ARCUS™️ & ARCUSevo™️

  • Determine facial parameters precisely and reliably in less than 3 minutes
  • Keep occlusal adjustments and the like to a minimum by raising and lowering the bite
  • Simple, convenient operation by just one person
  • Unrestricted patient communication thanks to specially designed eartips

Precise positioning from scratch in less than 3 minutes.

The KaVo ARCUS/ARCUSevo facebow allows you to record the position of the patient's upper jaw in less than three minutes and in just a few simple movements, without any assistance. Thanks to the special eartips, you can communicate freely with your patients, even if they’re wearing a facebow.

Position of the upper jaw in less than 3 minutes.

A few manipulations - no assistance.

  • The face bow that captures the position of the upper jaw in less than 3 minutes – a few simple steps, no assistance needed! 
  • Minimise occlusal adjustments, especially when raising and lowering the bite.
  • The face bow can be put on the patient by one person very quickly.
  • Fast, precise and safe.
  • The design of the ear tips allows unrestricted communication with the patient.

Perfect communication  

The KaVo ARCUS facebow is based on a principle which permits transfer of the measured values from the patient to the articulator quickly and without errors. In the practice, directly without additional equipment; in the laboratory, with a transfer stand so that the facebow is available for other work in the practice. Even when the facebow is in position, good communication with the treating person is possible.

Easy care

Important parts of the facebow ARCUS are made of steel, similar to our hand instruments. Care and cleaning scarcely differ. Parts of the facebow, which come into contact with the patient, can be disinfected or sterilised up to max. 138°C.

Scope of delivery & Accessories Facebow ARCUSevo

Bottom: ARCUSevo

ARCUS (0.622.5000)ARCUSevo (1.005.0900)
Referencing according to CE+FHReferencing according to CE+FH
Fixed glabellar supportAdjustable glabellar support
Adjustment via parallel jointEar tips can be adjusted in parallel with a rotary wheel
Mechanically very solidVery easy to handle
 Recording for ARCUSdigma 2 sensors

Bite fork joint piece (0.622.0901)

With the aid of the bite fork joint piece, the bite-fork is fixed to the facebow. The bite fork is reliably fixed using a central control without a tool. The bite fork support can be disinfected and if necessary sterilized.

Bite fork support (0.622.1391)

The bite fork support reliably prevents dropping of the bite fork during mounting of the maxilla in the articulator.

Bite fork (0.622.0911)

Inox bite fork for mounting the maxilla in the articulator.