Original Parts

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The individual components of KaVo precision instruments exactly match each other due to their accuracy of fit and their technical tolerances. All KaVo original parts are subject to the rigorous KaVo quality management system. Your advantage: Only an original KaVo spare part meets and guarantees this demand. 

Thus you avoid damage to your technical devices and instruments. This increases the service life and provides an optimum treatment quality. 

Therefore, you ensure the complete warranty and the accompanying comprehensive KaVo service.

Product info

  • Developed and certified by KaVo
  • Essential for best repair quality
  • Optimum functionality, durability and patient and user safety
  • Basis for warranty and liability claims
  • Preserving the value of your KaVo products


  • Exceptional safety
  • Optimal functionality
  • Extends longevity of the product
  • Avoids damage
  • Full warranty

KaVo recommends using only KaVo original spare parts for servicing. Why?

KaVo products are not only valuable but supremely robust. They are designed for the user to ensure the best possible treatment quality for many years. A great deal of expertise and care goes into development and production by our KaVo experts. 

Materials and processes are not only subject to our own demands for the highest quality, but also to strict standards and certifications.

The use of KaVo original parts therefore guarantees the same functional quality as a new product, as these correspond exactly to our own strict quality specifications. This ensures that your KaVo product remains a KaVo product.

KaVo original spare parts are therefore a fundamental requirement in order to preserve the following important benefits.

You, as a professional know how important

  • functionality,
  • durability and
  • safety are in your daily business.

These aspects are guaranteed by using original KaVo spare parts and supplies.

The use of KaVo spare parts guarantees the best working process of all integrated components and will therefore sustain the great KaVo quality and durability. You, as our customer keep your warranty claim and the full KaVo service by using original KaVo parts.

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