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Innovation and design are merged at KaVo.

The treatment unit is the epicentre of the modern dental practice. Choosing the right model, with customised features, is a key decision. The treatment unit should blend in seamlessly with the practice equipment in terms of appearance and technology.

The KaVo treatment unit portfolio will impress you on all levels: In addition to KaVo's renowned quality, reliability and durability, the entire treatment unit portfolio showcases modern, innovative design, as well as intelligent and innovative technical details that make work easier for you and treatment as comfortable as possible for your patients.

An overview of the KaVo treatment units.

Experience the KaVo wow moment – right down to the smallest detail.

Don't compromise on your treatment unit. All KaVo treatment units will impress you, right down to the smallest detail – for your very personal "wow" moment, for more patient and dentist comfort, as well as smooth workflows.

The new KaVo Street Art Edition brings art to your practice.

Cool, unique and strictly limited.

KaVo brings steet art into dental practices to spectacular effect. In the new 2023 Design Edition, limited to 80 pieces, KaVo combines modern treatment unit design and cool graffiti art. 

The edition comprises spray-mainted housings for KaVo uniQa and ESTETICA E70/80 Vision units, created in collaboration with the artist Stone Grafitti. Each one is a unique pieces from a complete work of art measuring over 50 square metres. Once again, KaVo’s new Street Art Design Edition makes a striking style statement for modern dental practices. 


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KaVo treatment units – dental excellence that brings joy every day.

  • The KaVo design factor: KaVo treatment units are the most beautiful embodiment of ergonomics and functionality.
  • Listen to your intuition: Intuitive, consistent operating concept for all KaVo dental units.
  • Hygiene as a priority: KaVo has integrated and automated hygiene functions that make cleaning both effective and easy.
  • Pleasing efficiency: Perfect synergy between the dentist and the practice team, thanks to ergonomically optimised workflows.
  • Maximum patient comfort KaVo treatment units are designed for optimal dental care, treatment, consultation and communication with the patient.
  • Long-lasting products have stood the test of time: KaVo treatment units offer maximum durability and flexibility – now and in the future.

upholstery options

are manufactured in Biberach.

218 kg

of metal

makes up the average KaVo ESTETICA E80 Vision.


individual components

and even more features have been installed into each KaVo treatment unit.

Instruction videos treatment units

KaVo represents quality you can trust.

The KaVo dental unit portfolio is just as unique as you are as a dentist – choose your custom KaVo treatment unit to suit you and your dental practice. 

At KaVo we've optimised the design, colour schemes and overall integration of the treatment unit into the dental practice design process to help you make the very best choice for you. 

KaVo offers countless possibilities in terms of models and equipment variants – ranging from the KaVo Primus 1058 Life and the KaVo uniQa to the premium ESTETICA E70/80 Vision models. 

Each treatment unit can also be individually configured in terms of upholstery colours, technical equipment, digitisation elements, patient communication and much more...

100 %

manual function test

is performed on each unit.


Primus 1058

treatment units have been sold.

50 hours

is the average production time for a KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision, part of which includes manual work.

KaVo represents dental excellence – an investment in quality that will be felt today and pay off in the future.

For successful treatment and satisfied patients.

Quality at all levels is a key factor for successful treatment and satisfied patients, especially in dentistry. In order to deliver the quality expected of you every day, you need optimal equipment and, above all, you need to make the right decision when choosing the correct treatment unit. In addition to their innovative and individually configurable equipment, all KaVo dental stools are ergonomically balanced testament to KaVo's uncompromising quality of materials and workmanship.

A KaVo dental unit is known for its durability and reliability – and this is thanks to KaVo's unwavering commitment to:

  • High-quality materials with precise processing
  • Minimum gap dimensions
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Intelligent hygiene functions

We have thought of everything during the development of the KaVo treatment units – you, your team and your patients will continue to feel this quality day after day.

Do you have multiple treatment units or are you looking to modernise your practice?

Do you want to expand your range of dental practice equipment? At KaVo, our approach is: Leverage your existing equipment, modify it appropriately, and supplement only if needed:

  • Position the treatment unit for optimal use of space, allowing for effortless entry and exit.
  • Use multimedia components and good IT infrastructure – these can also be retrofitted as an optional extra at a later date
  • Optimal networking of the practice software
  • Space between the dental stool and the rest of the dentist equipment 
  • Positioning of other items in the dentist equipment
  • Layout of the reception and waiting room
  • Locating the hygiene room as centrally as possible
  • Layout of the social areas
  • and much more…

Made in Biberach – because KaVo quality is no coincidence.

KaVo has relied on "Made in Germany" quality for more than a century. All treatment units are developed and manufacturerd in the KaVo factory in Biberach – for proven KaVo quality.

  • A KaVo treatment unit is assembled from more than 3,300 individual components.
  • An average ESTETICA E80 Vision contains 218 kg of metal.
  • More than 1600 employees from around the world ensure high product quality, best-practice customer service and maximum customer satisfaction.
  • A total of 252 upholstery options are manufactured in Biberach.
  • To date, more than 52,000 Primus 1058 Life units have been produced and sold.
  • The functional test of each unit is carried out 100% manually.

Hygiene that has been through the wringer. Optimised hygiene at KaVo.

Hygiene is always a priority in dental practice, and must be handled responsibly and professionally in order to avoid health risks and cross-contamination. 

The KaVo hygiene solutions are well thought-out, intelligent and automated, making work at your dental practice safer and easier for everyone involved and guaranteeing the operational readiness of your treatment unit.  Excellent cleaning precision – giving you the certainty of always being in the best hands.

You can find out everything about the KaVo hygiene concept here.

Exceptional ergonomics: Everything you need for a healthy working posture.

Optimised comfort while sitting, standing, working or lying down – KaVo offers exceptional ergonomics With a KaVo treatment unit, the benefits of our ergonomics will be obvious. 

A KaVo treatment unit provides the ideal conditions for a healthy posture, as well as stress-free work for you and your dental practice team. Experience the freedom of natural, intuitive movement sequences while also enabling your patients to lie in a comfortable and relaxed position – for optimal treatment

You can find out everything about KaVo ergonomic concepts here

Everything within reach – ergonomic and mobile dentist elements.

Regardless of whether you perform treatment while sitting or standing: The KaVo dentist element supports you with intelligent ergonomics for effortless treatment – you will never have to stretch and twist again. Minimised reaching distances ensure workflow efficiency. The high-quality KaVo dentist element offers three variants for optimal adjustment to your individual needs:

  • The table version: Even more freedom of movement for ergonomic work in any treatment position.
  • The swing version: Controlled extension lengths and hygienic hose routing. Balanced instruments always lie perfectly within reach.
  • The cart version*: mobile treatment unit – more mobility, paired with simple operation.

*not available for all models.

KaVo treatment units have been setting the standard for over 110 years.

With a large number of patents and utility models, KaVo constantly upholds the promise of "Dental Excellence" and continues to set new standards with its innovations. We only have one goal: To exceed your expectations and to enable patients to have the most gentle and efficient dental treatment possible.

Your treatment process is our focus.

The development of a KaVo treatment unit begins in global dental practices – our experts take your wishes, challenges, goals, suggestions and convert them into performance features for future dental practice equipment. Even more comfort and ergonomics, intuitive usability, simpler hygiene processes, efficiency and intelligent design – that's what makes a "real" KaVo.

Excellent teamwork is interdisciplinary at KaVo.

To ensure that the KaVo dental practice equipment keeps its promise and meets the highest standards, specialists from the fields of design, construction, development, marketing and sales collaborate closely throughout the entire product development process. The first drawings become 3D data, the first polystyrene models become final prototypes, and prototypes become the finished product – we do not want you to be merely satisfied – we want you to be amazed.

Tested in Biberach, proven in practice.

Since KaVo treatment units are designed to last, they are subjected to numerous demanding tests before being sent into production.

We start off with the design pattern: Does it meet all defined criteria? Does the functional model, which largely consists of 3D-printed parts, meet the ergonomic requirements, the desired handling needs and the approved design?

Next, we ask the following about the prototype: Are the statics, the mechanical safety, the electromagnetic compatibility right? Does the model pass the electrical safety tests, the load and endurance tests?

The first tools for serial production are only produced when all criteria are 100% fulfilled, and individual parts in the range are thoroughly tested. Only then will we begin practical testing of a new KaVo treatment unit. As soon as any outstanding questions regarding the quality, ergonomics and function of the treatment unit are resolved and the pre-production tests are completed, the product can be placed on the market. Only then can we say: On to serial production!