KaVo Original Accessories

Suitable accessories for your KaVo treatment units: Modernise, optimise, maintain or replace KaVo dental products - it's uncomplicated and high-quality with KaVo Original accessories.

Matching accessories for your KaVo treatment units.

Keeping your dental practice modern and up to date requires modernisation, upgrading and simple care and maintenance of existing practice equipment every now and then. 

KaVo is there to help. Whether you want to replace individual parts or modify and enhance the performance of your treatment units, our wide range of smart, integrable KaVo Original accessories is exactly what you need.

Enhance your treatment unit with a complete device-adapted X-ray solution, replace KaVo soft upholstery or renew old hoses – KaVo’s range of accessories has you covered.

This is Dental Excellence - for a lifetime.

In the usual KaVo quality, made of high-quality premium materials and of course Made in Germany, all original KaVo replacement and spare parts meet the same demands and requirements as the products themselves - quality, reliability and durability are included.

KaVo original new cushion set instead of replacement cushion.

If, then properly. Instead of just re-foaming and re-covering, a KaVo new upholstery set is worthwhile.

With a KaVo original new upholstery set, your KaVo treatment unit not only looks like new again, but also feels like new.

While other replacement pads are only foamed and reupholstered, the KaVo Original pad set is completely new.

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Modernise and maintain easily with KaVo Original accessories.

Simply clever: The diverse and intelligently coordinated KaVo accessories offer numerous options - for modernisation, an "upgrade" in between or regular maintenance.