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We’re delighted to present the highlights of our current Handpiece and Small Equipment promotions. All of our most popular handpiece models are available at a special promotional price and some have added value offers too. For more details on any of the offers or expert product advice, contact your local dealer partner or get in touch with us via info@kavo.co.uk


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KaVo & Performance Finance - frozen interest rates!

KaVo are delighted to be able to offer treatment unit lease packages at 2021 rates, helping you to save thousands of pounds on your capital equipment investment.

KaVo treatment units are all built on a sophisticated electronic platform, so we know they’re future-proof.  Now, each of our added-value treatment unit packages are available at a future-proof price, because we’ve frozen the fixed interest rate on the lease at 2021 levels, making it just 2.75% instead of the current 4.95%.

With 5 different chair models to choose from, our treatment unit packages come with everything you want and need in a new dental chair.  Starting at £11,595.00 +VAT, we have flexible delivery systems, integrated and automated hygiene functions, micromotors as standard, a multi-functional single foot control, multi-media options, an award-winning light…the list is extensive and can be designed to suit YOU.

Just like some of the most popular and sophisticated cars, KaVo chairs are all designed and manufactured in Germany, where our factory focuses on creating superior treatment units that will be ergonomic, intelligent, flexible and reliable for years and years to come.

So, with finance packages that can save you money, find out more about a KaVo treatment unit today.  Email us info@kavo.co.uk



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