• Ergonomic design of the two interchangeable grip sleeves ensures a working posture that’s easy on the joints
  • Speeds of up to 50,000 rpm clockwise and counterclockwise for all common materials
  • Pleasant working environment due to negligible warming effect
  • High torque of 7 Ncm
  • Durable ball bearings with patented dirt-repellent sealing system
  • New chuck system with 40% higher holding force of 100 N
  • Low vibrations and long service life thanks to robust shaft system

Quality, torque and excellent ergonomics for easy working.

The KaVo K-ERGOgrip laboratory handpiece is a pro at working on all common materials, thanks to its high torque of 7 Ncm and 50,000 rpm clockwise and counterclockwise. Its lightweight design and ergonomic grip sleeves also make working with the KaVo K-ERGOgrip particularly comfortable and easy on the joints.

K-ERGOgrip - The high-performance laboratory handpiece.

The K-ERGOgrip is the successor to the successful KaVo K9 dental handpieces. K-ERGOgrip laboratory handpieces with the patented single-shaft system surpass even the renowned quality of previous KaVo drives, with outstanding durability, maximum reliability, perfectly smooth running and a long service life.

The patented shaft system with just two bearings guarantees easy servicing. The sealed ball bearings are extremely durable and very easy to change in case of repairs.

The chuck retention force is 40% greater than the previous models, so the shanks are protected and the drill bit is prevented from slipping.

The chuck mechanism allows the chuck to be changed very quickly without the need for tools, so cleaning the chuck system is much easier.

Also ideal for left-handers: The chuck can no longer open by itself when rotating anti-clockwise, so the K-ERGOgrip can operate at up to 50,000 rpm anti-clockwise without presenting any safety risk. High performance at 7 Ncm allows for high-torque work even under high contact pressure, with minimal heating of the laboratory drive. This attests to 30 years of KaVo expertise in developing laboratory drives.

Ergonomics is an increasingly important consideration in everyday laboratory work, especially for drives that are used a lot every day. Thanks to the patented shaft system, the K-ERGOgrip isn’t just easy to service, but also very lightweight.

When combined with the ergonomically designed grip sleeves, the K-ERGOgrip dental handpiece sits optimally in the hand and thus promotes a relaxed working hold that is gentle on the wrist. The two available grip sleeves allow for custom adjustment to suit the practitioner.

The KaVo “relax bonus”: elongated angle for optimum ergonomics at work.

Absolute perfection at your fingertips. Working in partnership with Germany’s Fraunhofer research institute, KaVo’s handpiece, whose design reflects the very best in ergonomics, is an absolute masterpiece. As part of the process of creating a handpiece for the KaVo K-ERGOgrip laboratory drive which would provide the ideal response to working needs, video analyses and practical tests involving volunteers were carried out.

The significantly reduced bend of the wrist supports a much more relaxed grip, optimising working conditions and enabling technicians to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Now, even tedious and complex tasks requiring maximum precision can be mastered “at the flick of a wrist”.



  • Sophisticated handpiece geometry
    No wrist bending angle and a working posture that is gentle to the joints
  • Exchangeable grip sleeve
    Adaptation to individual preference
  • Short overall length and lightweight
    Optimum distribution of weight
  • Low weight of 202 g
    Optimal gravity distribution
  • Minimal heating
    Feels pleasant during you work
  • Time-proven softgrip inlets
    For fatigue-free work and pleasant haptics
  • 50,000 rpm in counterclockwise rotation as well
    Well-suited for left-handers
  • Significantly reduced bend of the wrist


  • High torque of 7Ncm
    For more power
  • Up to 50,000 rpm in clockwise rotation
    For all common materials
  • Chuck system
    Optimum force transmission due to a 40 % higher retention force


  • Brush- and sensorless motor
    Reduced service periods and reduced maintenance cost
  • Extremely high concentricity
    Low transfer of vibrations
  • Ball bearing with patented, dirt-repellent sealing system
    For maximum stabilityz
  • Removal of the chuck for cleaning without tools
    For rapid and easy ball bearing change
  • Stronger chuck grip
    For maximum reliability
  • Robust and patented one-shaft system
    For long service life and less vibration

Easy to maintain:

  • Chuck easy to clean
  • Dirt guards easy to replace
  • Ball bearings easy to replace

Select from table, knee or foot control.

The functions of the KaVo K-POWERgrip can be controlled either directly on the central tabletop unit or via a connected knee or foot control unit. The automatic handpiece recognition allows handpieces to be exchanged flexibly.

For specific presetting of the torque and speed values for each user, four programmes are available, in which performance profiles can be saved and recalled by pushing a button. The maximum values for speed (up to 50,000 rpm) and torque can be set separately and independently of these programmes.

Select and store quickly and easily.

4 storable programmes:

  • Constant speed via an automatic readjustment.
  • Save within 4 seconds and thus a 4-second speed control function.
  • 4-colour display for easy distinction of the programmes.
  • Quick access to the preset speeds and torque for repetitive work by simply pressing the speed control.