Study Models Prosthetics

  • Realistic cutting and suturing practice on the soft gingiva
  • Natural bone formation with compact and spongy bone
  • Includes nasal and sinus cavities
  • Realistic conditions for placing implants or preparing bones

Make surgery and implantology preparation as realistic as actual practice.

KaVo tooth models for dental surgery and implantology feature highly naturalistic bone structure and realistically integrated nasal and sinus cavities to make preparatory exercises for osteotomy, root amputation or apicectomy as realistic as possible for students



The best pre-conditions.

KaVo surgery models enable a variety of exercises to be practised, for example osteotomy (unerupted 8’s and 3’s), root amputation and apical resection. 

The realistic structure of the bone, simulating the substantia compacta and spongiosa, together with incorporated sinuses provide ideal condition for the insertion of implants and life-like surgical exercises. 

The soft tissue gingiva enables incision and suturing techniques to be realistically practised.

A cross-section of the KaVo surgery model (without gingiva)
shows the unerupted teeth. 

All exercises can be carried out in all 4 quadrants.

Detail: Wisdom tooth impacted.

This KaVo models are suitable not only for implantology, but also for full denture excercises. 

The models are provided with nasal cavities and sinuses in the maxilla, together with nerve canals in the mandibular portion. 

These features in conjunction with the life-like bone structure, provide realistic conditions for exercises in implantology.