KaVo Dental Training

High quality, durability and precision

Training in the dental field requires high-quality, modern and robust equipment.

As a leading dental manufacturer, KaVo has been developing innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions for dental practices and laboratories, as well as for dental education, for well over a century – dental excellence comes as standard in every area.

This means: Quality that convinces – this must already be evident during the pre-clinical and clinical training. Students who work with products from a high-quality equipment partner right from the start will have a decisive advantage in their later professional practice. With KaVo, you too can rely on comprehensive expertise for clinical and pre- clinical applications.

Setzen daher auch Sie mit KaVo auf 360° Kompetenz im Bereich Klinik und Vorklinik.

At KaVo, we believe in: Proven dental excellence. Worldwide.

> 1000

leading institutes, clinics and universities

in > 80

countries worldwide

> 300

projects at universities and clinics


practical trainee positions

around the world over the past 10 years


dental simulation units

installed worldwide over the past 10 years

> 600

technical drawings

created per year

KaVo education systems at a glance.

KaVo Simulation Units

Practical learning with KaVo simulation units.

Impressive quality from the outset – KaVo simulation units are designed for high-end dental practices and are, of course, "Made in Biberach".

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KaVo Digital Education

Become a leader with KaVo modern dental education.

KaVo Digital Education: Why not learn from the future? Dental education 4.0 – KaVo offers innovative solutions, products and systems for efficient digital teaching.

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Dental Patient Simulators

Optimal learning with KaVo patient simulation

Learn professionally at the highest level. Realistic patient simulation that is as real and lifelike as possible – with Dental Excellence from KaVo.

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Study and Dental Models

Realistic dissection made possible by KaVo dental models.

KaVo Study and Dental Models: The best dissection experience during your studies and dental practice. More than just a model – KaVo dental models have been created for numerous indications and resemble natural teeth down to the finest detail.

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Made in Biberach - The small difference that has a big effect.

KaVo not only represents Dental Excellence, but also "Made in Germany" quality. The pre-clinical portfolio is also produced at the factories in Biberach and Warthausen: Simulation units, phantom heads, as well as face bows and articulators, are all manufactured by KaVo and meet the highest standards in terms of quality, durability, ergonomics and design.

The KaVo planning service for universities and clinics.

Good planning means you're already winning.

The experience from over 300 education projects in clinics and universities worldwide adds value to our work – KaVo is happy to share this with you as part of the KaVo planning services. The in-house KaVo team, made up of highly skilled and experienced employees, manage projects for pre-clinical and clinical work with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. The KaVo planning professionals support you with their immense expertise:

  • Competent advice, obviously also available on-site
  • Preparation of illustrations, detailed drawings and installation plans, customised for your dental practice or student space
  • Concepts for optimising your workspace with KaVo products.
  • 3D graphics and renderings for a realistic visualisation of the concept
  • Cost control, scheduling and quality control complete the package

Information Planning services