Ceph imaging

More flexibility for a variety of image formats. 

Ceph can be used as an additional feature for all extraoral KaVo ProXam imaging units and offers an extended selection of image sizes of up to 30 x 27 cm.

The KaVo ProXam scans the patient's head horizontally with a narrow X-ray beam, ensuring an extremely low and effective patient dose.

High-quality equipment components particularly suitable for orthodontic requirements:

  • The head positioning support and the nose clip made of carbon fibre are radiolucent, particularly stable and hygienic.
  • The unit aligns itself automatically for each cephalometric image and selects the appropriate collimator.
  • The rotating X-ray emitter enables cephalometric imaging without removing the 3D sensor.
  • Special collimation options for paediatric imaging

KaVo ProXam in Video: