• Easy, efficient patient communication right on the treatment unit screen
  • Software operation via touchscreen display or foot control
  • 24 GB of integrated storage for treatment data and media
  • Plug & play KaVo camera option for the treatment unit
  • Option of connecting two additional HDMI sources with switching via touchscreen display or foot control
  • Straightforward data import and export via USB stick or cable
  • Option of accessing clinical images and extended use of treatment data, e.g. in practice management software

The smart must-have for effective patient communication.

KaVo CONNECTbase is the simple solution for efficient patient communication, right at your KaVo treatment unit. 

There’s no need to install extra software: simply use CONNECTbase to explain the dental status to your patients and discuss and compare the diagnostic imaging data on the screen.

The plug-and-play principle – smooth processes made easy!

By using the cameras on the KaVo uniQa unit, you have instant access to your camera images and can then export them via USB. 

Operation via the touch display or the foot control of your treatment unit is just as easy, so there's no need to leave your workplace during the treatment, or to interrupt your process unnecessarily. 

Interested in accessing other sources? No problem. By simply switching directly on the uniQa dentist element, various HDMI sources can be displayed on your treatment unit's screen.

The simple connection of your patient-management-software.

With the new software module CONNECTlink your patient-management-software can be connected with your KaVo treatment unit to enable a simple and fast transfer of patient data and clinical images. Thanks to this link, all relevant data can be directly accessed on the touch display of the dentist element. As usual, new clinical images can be added with the KaVo cameras and will be transferred automatically to the corresponding patient file in the patient-management-software thanks to CONNECTlink.

The new CONNECTlink software can be ordered as a separate module to your existing CONNECTbase patient management system. For the use of CONNECTlink, CONNECTbase and the corrensponing CONNECTlink for your KaVo treatment unit are required.

Video 3D - Use the power of images

Explain to your patients in detail about the necessary therapy measures, using high-resolution image findings and images in brilliant colour reproduction for patient communication.

The best solution at a glance:

Product descriptionAutonomous system – integrated in your KaVo uniQaSoftware installation on the back-end PC
Add-on to your CONNECTbase*
Software installation on the back-end PC

Does software need to be 

installed on the PC?

Automatic integration of your 

practice management software

Availability of media 

(e.g. screen saver, KaVo 

topics, welcome screen)

Switching between sources 

directly on the dentist 

element of the treatment unit

(2 x HDMI)

Ja (PC content)

Images are displayed directly 

on the treatment unit screen

Image can be compared 

with previous images

Automatic image transfer
  • Dentist element touch display
  • Treatment unit foot control
  • Dentist element touch display
  • Treatment unit foot control
  • PC (mouse, keyboard)
  • Dentist element touch display
  • Treatment unit foot control  
  • PC (mouse, keyboard)
Compatible cameras
  • KaVo intraoral camera  
  • KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD
  • KaVo intraoral camera  
  • KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD
  • KaVo intraoral camera  
  • KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD
Remote access + treatment unit updates 



* Your CONNECTbase can be used as an autonomous system further on. If you would like to connect your CONNECTbase with your patient-management-software, the CONNECTlink software and the corresponding license for your KaVo treatment unit can be ordered. 

CONNECTbase clearly explained and demonstrated.

Technical Details & Accessories

Technical Details 
Input voltage24V DC
Maximum power consumption24 W
Case dimensions86 x 163 x 39 mm
Weight0,5 kg
Compatible intraoral camerasDIAGNOcam 
DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD 
ERGOcam One
Display InterfaceHDMI 1.3 compatible
ESTETICA E70/E80 VisionFirmware Version 1.6.9 or higher
KaVo uniQaFirmware Version 1.0.4 or higher