K-Control™️ TLC

  • Easy handpiece changing with automatic dental handpiece recognition
  • Various speed and torque programs with safety programs for speeds above 30,000 rpm and adjustable torque limitation
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation can be set up to 50,000 rpm, depending on the dental handpiece
  • Simple program selection via 4-colour display
  • Additional 12V relay for controlling external units
  • Compatible with all standard KaVo laboratory handpieces

The reliable control unit for KaVo laboratory drives.

The KaVo K-Control TLC universal control unit for laboratory drives allows for ultra-efficient working with KaVo laboratory handpieces and is available in table, foot or knee versions. Smart features and intelligent settings give you complete freedom to implement your own personal preferences and settings.

Flexible control for maximum occupational safety.

KaVo K-Control TLC universal control unit with options to suit individual requirements or the space available (table, knee or foot control).

One control unit for different handpieces – just exchange via automatic handpiece identification, thereby allowing a flexible exchange of handpieces. 

Investing in the K-Control unit offers maximum flexibility - now and in the future. 

We developed this generation making sure that older handpieces are recognised and can be replaced easily.

Advantages of the KaVo K-Control TLC control units

  • One control unit for different handpieces – just exchange via automatic handpiece identification, thereby allowing a flexible exchange of handpieces. An investment in the future!
  • Select individually between table, knee or foot control depending on requirements or available space.
  • Just suspend knee version from existing KaVo knee suspension.
  • Safety switch for enabling speeds of over 30,000 rpm.
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation depending on handpiece of up to 50,000 rpm each.

K-Control - Select and store quickly and easily

4 storable programmes:

  • Save within 4 seconds and thus a 4-second speed control function.
  • 4-colour display for easy distinction.
  • Quick access to the preset speeds and torque for repetitive work by simply pressing the speed control.

Features at a glance

Speed programmingIndividual speed settings for different materials, simply by pressing a button 
Torque programmingIndividual torque settings for careful material processing 
Display with 4 background coloursFor easy recognition of the respective programme
12 V relay output For control of additional devices such as dust extraction units, lighting, etc.
Also compatible with other KaVo handpiecesCompatible with K-Powergrip, K5+, K5, K9, K11, K12
Speed safety switch at 30,000 rpmSpeeds greater than 30,000 rpm must be confirmed with a switch for safety reasons, as many cutters are limited to 30,000 rpm
Attachment and handling based on previous K-Control control systemKnee device fastening plate as with the K-Control