Handpieces and Contra-Angles

Maximum power and innovative KaVo comfort.

Dental Excellence with KaVo handpieces and contra-angles – keeping routine dental practice under control.

Anyone who uses handpieces and contra-angles knows: No dental practice would function without them today. This is why they are central to our KaVo instrument portfolio. 

For decades, KaVo has been redefining the market, developing handpieces and contra-angles with intelligent product details – focusing on quality, handling and grip, and versatility for every indication, and cost-effectiveness. 

Dentists around the globe have experienced the highest levels of reliability and precise functionality: Over 1 million KaVo handpieces and contra-angles are in the hands of dentists all over the world.

Intelligent details that impress. 

If you're looking for the best there is, you will find it at KaVo.

With its name, KaVo represents "Made in Germany" quality, and the high-quality materials, masterful workmanship and an above-average service life combine to create uncompromising user-friendliness and treatment quality.

Investing in KaVo handpieces and contra-angles is an investment in the future of your dental practice, because their quality is not only evident in the process and the results of your work, but also pays off because they last: You will be delighted by the reliability, precision and longevity of your instrument.

Depending on the range, KaVo handpieces and contra-angles offer numerous patented product innovations and technologically smart details that make routine treatments functional, economical, flexible and reliable:

  • The Hightech FG collet chuck with carbide guide bush for maximal durability
  • Ceramic ball bearings for excellent, silent and low-vibration operation
  • Small head size for simple, efficient access to the dissection area
  • 3-nozzle spray with fine spray production for optimal cooling
  • Glass rod light guide with up to 25,000 lux for reliable detection of the dissection margins
  • Internally guided, separate cooling media for an optimal spray effect
  • Interchangeable spray microfilter for effective and trouble-free spray cooling
  • KaVo INTRAmatic coupling system, can be deployed with any treatment unit
  • KaVo push-button collet system with up to 30 N holding power for secure drill retention
  • Thermodisinfectable and sterilisable up to 135 °C
Each model is in a class of its own.

For uncompromising treatment quality.

With the KaVo MASTERmatic, EXPERTmatic and SMARTmatic range, KaVo offers high-quality handpieces and contra-angles that are individually tailored to the exacting demands of the modern dentist and their practice.

Comparison of KaVo contra-angle handpieces

 KaVo Master Series 
KaVo Expert Series 
KaVo SMART Series 
Pleasant gripping surfaceKaVo Plasmatec coating with hygienic sealKaVo EXPERTgripEasy-grip surface
Flexibilitydue to the compatibility of heads with different shanksdue to the large number of different contra-angle handpieces with permanently integrated headsdue to the large number of different contra-angle handpieces with permanently integrated heads
Quiet in operation: 55 dB(A) due to the maximum precision for quiet, vibration-free operation
Aestheticsdue to the cutting edge Plasmatec surface + ergonomic designdue to its classical stainless steel designone-piece handpiece sleeve with no gaps or edges
Small head housing*


Head height: 13.5 mm;
Head-Ø:10.3 mm
Head height: 12.6 mm;
Head-Ø: 9 mm

Height: 14.7 mmHeight 10,8 - 13,5 mm
8,5 - 9,8 mm
Ideal combination of angles 100° head / 19° elbow*
Fibre-optic conductor with 25,000 Lux**
Original KaVo ceramic ball bearings*
KaVo push-button clamping system (retention force of up to 30N)*
Triple gear transmission system *
3-Nozzle spray for op- timum cooling*
Spray air/spray water guided separately on the interior
Exchangeable microfilter

(except for M10 L)

(for E25L/E25C)

Thermodisinfectable & sterilisable in autoclaves at up to 135°C


*for high-speed handpieces, **for LUX handpieces

> 100000

100,000 EXPERTmatic E25 L handpieces sold worldwide

– one of the most successful dental instruments ever.

> 6 Mio.

instruments sold worldwide

– that is Dental Excellence.

98 %

repurchase rate for instruments

– that is customer satisfaction at the KaVo level.

KaVo handpieces and contra-angles – they are just so smart!

14 interchangeable INTRA heads on the MASTERmatic models provide KaVo with countless possibilities: 

The shanks and optimised heads made of stainless steel give you a wide variety of applications – and at lower overall costs and with simpler maintenance processes:

  • Restoration
  • Endodontics
  • Prophylaxis
  • Special applications
  • Surgery
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