KaVo Dental Stools

KaVo PHYSIO: Dentist stools for dentists and dental stools for assistants.

Maintaining your healthy posture. 

An ergonomic and comfortable working environment is essential to your health and wellbeing. Nothing affects your posture as much as the office chair you and your team sit on every day. This is why the KaVo dental stools are perfectly tailored to the needs of dentists and their assistants, because these attributes are absolutely essential: Ergonomics and comfort for effortless, relaxed work.

Dental Excellence means: Maintaining your healthy posture. Be captivated by the KaVo PHYSIO dental stools.

Your first-class seat!

Comfort and ergonomics are in the details.

A comfortable seat is essential so that you can fully concentrate on the treatment. The KaVo PHYSIO dental stools are designed for precisely this purpose:

  • Ergonomic shapes for maximum comfort and consistently healthy, fatigue-free work.
  • Precise and high-quality processing for smooth reliability during routine dental practice.
  • Maximum durability and longevity.
  • Optimal, medical-grade hygiene is ensured by precisely matched components, leaving only the smallest gaps, and easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • Attractive colours and contemporary design to reflect the KaVo treatment units – awarded the Good Design Award and the AGR seal (healthy back campaign) for ergonomics.

Did you know? Exceptional!

The KaVo PHYSIO Evo and Evo F were the first, and to date, the only dental stools to be awarded the coveted seal of approval from the AGR e.V. for their ergonomic concept (healthy back campaign). 

An independent, multidisciplinary Expert Commission bases this award on strict ergonomics and health test criteria.

The KaVo PHYSIO Evo and PHYSIO Evo F dental stools

Pretty clever!

Can a dental stool that offers maximum ergonomics, comfort and stability also score points in terms of design? KaVo proves with the KaVo PHYSIO Evo and Evo F: Yes, it can!

Anyone who chooses to include the KaVo PHYSIO dental stool in their dental practice equipment not only invests in the health of the treatment team, but also in the design and ambience in the treatment room. The ergonomic shapes and lines follow the unmistakable KaVo design, and the wide range of colours is perfectly suited to the KaVo treatment units – just like the upholstery materials. This creates the perfect visual match!

KaVo PHYSIO dental stools offer a comprehensive hygienic advantage thanks to minimized material joins and easy-to-clean surfaces.

The clear conclusion: The assets of the KaVo PHYSIO dental stool are comprehensive:

  • Individually adjustable and ergonomically shaped back and seat cushions.
  • The centred elevation in the seat cushion creates stability and prevents slipping, even if patients make quick, short rolling movements.
  • The rounded thigh support gives you plenty of freedom of movement.
  • The back muscles, particularly those in the lumbar region, are permanently and actively supported by the spring-supported backrest, meaning that they are protected at all times.


PHYSIO Evo & Evo F

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PHYSIO™️ Evo / Evo F

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