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A full-service portfolio defined by quality and precision.

KaVo is one of the world’s most distinguished dental manufacturers. Along with dental treatment units, KaVo’s high-quality product range includes numerous instrument series and solutions for all clinical applications and requirements of modern dentistry, including full sets of equipment for universities, pre-clinical use and dental laboratories.

KaVo Dental Products

Experience the world of dental excellence.

For more comfort, ease and efficiency in routine work at your dental practice or laboratory – KaVo products will delight you every day.

Our identity.

For over 110 years, we have been committed to shaping the future of dental medicine and set new milestones. Improving dental health and general wellbeing has always been our top priority.

We’re always looking one step ahead to identify the solutions that will make everyday practice easier and better for dentists. As far as we’re concerned, that’s what Dental Excellence is all about.

Throughout KaVo’s long company history, tradition and German-made innovation have gone hand in hand. We develop and manufacture our products in Biberach and Warthausen, and are hugely successful at what we do, as proven by the multiple awards for innovation won by our large product development team. KaVo is an award-winning market leader when it comes to design, too: this is where technology meets cutting-edge design, making every product a visual delight. But it’s not just about looking great; our products also boast great ergonomics. And in line with our core values of quality and durability, we insist on the finest in high-quality materials.

As an employer, people are at the heart of what we do. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why KaVo employees have been with the company for 20 years on average. While enjoying work is important at KaVo, we also set great store by opportunities for personal development.

We don’t just value diversity and individuality, we actively encourage them. We firmly believe that everyone is unique, and that diverse teams foster creativity and the exchange of ideas, which provide an excellent foundation for our success. When it comes to fairness, integration and equal opportunities, we don’t just talk the talk; we consciously practise these values.

We are KaVo. We are Dental Excellence.


Taking the dental industry to new heights for over 110 years.

KaVo, founded in 1909 and headquartered in the city of Biberach an der Riß in the German region of Swabia, is one of the world’s leading dental manufacturers.


As a renowned full-service provider, KaVo is synonymous with Dental Excellence. The entire KaVo portfolio consists of high-quality, precision-made, ergonomically designed and long-lasting products that meet the very highest standards of design and future-proof technology.

To maintain its full commitment to uncompromising excellence, KaVo ensures German-made quality at its headquarters and production sites in Biberach and Warthausen. And that’s not all: every KaVo product and service is the result of a complex process that begins with careful consideration of the needs of our customers. 

Before development gets underway, we hold countless discussions with experts and listen to the wishes and suggestions of dentists, technicians and dental professionals worldwide. These inform the specifications for future KaVo products.

From optimised instrument heads that ensure even better visibility to simpler hygiene processes and requirements relating to special fields of dentistry, our KaVo product developers gear their designs towards the requirements of dentists and dental technicians. 

Innovations at KaVo are always the result of teamwork and aimed at ensuring that our KaVo products don’t simply meet the most exacting requirements, but far surpass them.

At KaVo’s production and development site in Biberach, specialists from the Development, Design, Communication and Sales teams work together closely throughout the product development stage to ensure that all of the key factors are taken into account. 

Initial drawings are transformed into 3D data, the earliest material samples progress to final prototypes, and only when everyone is absolutely happy do the products proceed to production testing. This meticulous process ensures that the end products meet with the enthusiastic approval of those working in practices, clinics, universities and dental laboratories, day after day.

KaVo is certified.

As a medical device manufacturer, KaVo is certified as follows: