KaVo uniQa™️

  • Modern and compact chair design
  • Highest position: 830 mm; lowest position: 350 mm
  • 3-in-1 KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD intraoral camera for caries diagnostics in full HD resolution
  • Comfortable hygiene with integrated flushing programs, DEKAmat and OXYmat
  • Integrated endodontics function and surgery function
  • Perfect visibility thanks to KaVoLUX 540 LED
  • Four table versions with ergonomic solutions for left- and right-handers

The first treatment unit in the premium compact class.

In a league of its own – the KaVo uniQa provides plenty of scope for your own unique requirements and way of working. 

An attractive design paired with intelligent features and premium KaVo workmanship ensure superb everyday treatment with lasting success.

YOUNIQUE – because it's all about you

KaVo uniQa product news 2024:

A smart add-on for greater flexibility: the new right/left swivelling assistant element for the KaVo uniQa.

KaVo can now offer all uniQa customers an alternative to the standard assistant element. Based on the established, popular concept of the KaVo ESTETICA E50 Life, the new swivelling assistant element optimises flexibility. Besides the popular features of the standard assistant element, the new version allows a quick and easy switch from left-handed to right-handed operation and vice versa.

With this new design, KaVo turns its bestseller into an ambidextrous treatment unit with optimum flexibility when used in combination with the S-table or cart. On top of these benefits, the KaVo uniQa also allows for two-handed treatment, such as in prophylaxis. 


The new KaVo uniQa assistant element at a glance:

  • When combined with the S-table or cart, the KaVo uniQa becomes a two-handed treatment unit 
  • Easy switching between left- and right-handed practitioners 
  • Simplified two-handed working 

Small upgrade, massive impact: 
the new, optimised KaVo uniQa headrest with mechanical clamp.

To make everyday work a little easier for everyone, KaVo now offers a practical, attractive upgrade for uniQa unit models: headrests with a mechanical clamp. The new, optimised headrest with a mechanical clamp is narrower than before and allows you to position the head of the patient even lower. The new headrest releases and adjusts the head position smoothly and easily and integrates seamlessly into the appealing uniQa design. 


The new KaVo uniQa headrest with mechanical clamp at a glance:

  • Especially narrow headrest with 18% less depth
  • Stable double-jointed positioning of the patient's head
  • Low effort required for loosening and positioning
  • Slim, attractive design


The new KaVo Street Art Edition brings art to your practice.

Cool, unique and strictly limited. 

KaVo’s new 2023 Street Art Edition brings urban art to the dental practice, and the effect is nothing short of sensational. Limited to just 80 treatment units,
every piece is one of a kind and makes a uniquely striking statement


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Discover the KaVo uniQa

Special features

The uniQa as a T table, TM table, S table and Cart

The uniQa user interface in three words: clear, hygienic, efficient

Find your way around easily and quickly with the self-explanatory user interface on the dentist element with high-quality glass touchscreen. And you can look forward to a smooth, quick and relaxed workflow. 

  • Easy self-explaining
  • Everything in its proper place
  • Everything saved in one place 
  • Everything at arm's reach
  • Everything in sight

It' what's inside that counts - the Endodontic function

Thanks to the integrated endo-functions, you'll save on the purchase of an expensive endodontic device: with three different modes for file control and the integrated file database with almost 200 preset files, you can configure, call up and save all important parameters such as translation and torque values directly on the dentist's element. New additional files can be added at any time.

This is an endodontic package that is thought out from A to Z.

Oh so bright - the clever surgical option

If you also choose to equip your KaVo uniQa with the KaVo INTRA LUX S600 LED, you'll enjoy unlimited access to all the functions of a modern surgical device in combination with the KaVo surgical instruments and the saline pump integrated on the dentist's element.

This makes your work as comfortable as possible. 

This is how powerful light can be - the S600 LED surgical motor.

The KaVo S600 LED surgical motor has it all: 

28% lighter and 20% shorter than its predecessor, it is one of the lightest and smallest surgical motors on the dental market.

Pretty strong, that little one. 

Holistic in design - with an integrated saline pump

Effective relief and comfort during surgical treatments – the saline pump integrated directly on the dentist element and the holder for the saline solution make it possible. 

That is 360° of surgical functionality. 

All about the KaVo uniQa

Colors & Upholstery

The real KaVo in its most beautiful form

KaVo Patient Communication

Let the facts speak for themselves.


Cleaning your KaVo uniQa is very easy.

Equipment options

Patient chair S/C/T/TM
Soft cushion 
RELAXline soft upholstery
Progress (optimised)
2-joint with pushbutton 
Comfort head cushion
Dentist elementSCTTM
5 instrument holders
6 instrument holders
Removable instrument holder
Turbine hose 
INTRA LUX Motor KL 703 LED™ 
Integrated torque control (endo)
PiezoLED™ ultrasonic scaler 
SONICflex™ sonic scaler 
Minilight 3Fxxxx
Triple-function handpiece xxxx
Multi-function handpiece 
Physiological saline solution 
S600 LED surgical motor 
Spray heating for instruments 
USB interface 
Pneumatic brake for arm system --
Tray holder for two standard trays-
Service table 1568 for two standard trays---
Assistant elementS/C/T/TM
Right/left swivelling assistant element
Capacitive touch panel 
5  instrument holders
Spray mist suction 
Saliva extractor 
2. Saliva extractor 
Minilght 3Fx
Triple-function handpiece 
Multi-function handpiece 
Polymerisation handpiece Satelec Mini LED
Tray holder for tray support
Swivelling and height-adjustable
Removable instrument holder
Selective tray
Short armx
Device bodyS/C/T/TM
Porcelain cuspidor bowl
Smokey grey glass cuspidor
Hygiene unit 
Permanent germ reduction1
Intensive germ reduction1
HYDROclean (suction rinsing system)
DEKAmat™ and OXYmat 
Hot water boiler 
Wireless foot control 


Supply system 
DVGW water block 
DVGW water bottle2
Accessory device port 
Disposal system 
External wet suction
DÜRR amalgam separator
DÜRR automatic separator 
Optional solids collector
Operating lightS/C/T/TM
Light attachment bar 
Adaptor for light mounting pole (e.g. for Intraoral X-ray)


Patient communicationS/C/T/TM
KaVo Screen One
KaVo Screen HD
KaVo intraoral camera
KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD


●   Series equipment
❍  Optional equipment  |
x   Must be selected 
–  Not available

1 only in connection with the DVGW water block and the DVGW water bottle
2 at a reduced price

Configurator for KaVo uniQa

A treatment unit as unique as you are – no problem with the KaVo treatment unit configurator!
Using the KaVo treatment unit configurator, you can assemble your new and unique treatment unit according to your specific needs and requirements.

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