KaVo Campus: Training by professionals for professionals.

Learning at the KaVo Campus means: Innovative training courses, experienced trainers, a nice atmosphere – simply excellence offered by KaVo.

Dental Excellence meets Learning Excellence at KaVo.

The KaVo Campus represents training true to the motto Dental Excellence – because excellence at KaVo not only applies to the products, but also includes perfect advice and perfect service. 

The comprehensive training programme of the KaVo Campus is the ideal platform for this:

  • Modern premises at the headquarters in Biberach,
  • innovative and flexible training methods and 
  • experienced trainers

form the ideal framework for high-quality education and further professional education for technicians and sales staff.

KaVo Campus Trainings. 

Modern dental sales and service training formats.

KaVo training courses are based on the most modern training methods that convey the learning content efficiently and effectively. The KaVo Blended Learning Training combines self-study with live online and face-to-face units. 

Interesting learning scripts and videos, presentations, webinars and printouts impart the necessary knowledge during self-study, which is completed with a test before the in-class phases begin.

Service quality is always certified at KaVo.

The KaVo certification ensures safety.

Every KaVo specialist dealer goes through the well-tested KaVo certification process. KaVo Campus Service Training ensures that dental dealer salespeople and technicians receive appropriate training, which not only ensures high KaVo service quality, but also forms an integral component of the required KaVo certification.

The training is planned, carried out and followed up by the KaVo specialists. This ensures that the learning content and important information are conveyed at the highest possible technical level and first-hand. In combination with the pleasant atmosphere of the KaVo Campus, learning becomes a great experience - and with optimal results.