• Proven KaVo technology and simple operating concept
  • Streamlined chair design
  • Ergonomic soft upholstery form
  • Integrated Trendelenburg movement
  • Max. patient weight up to 180 kg
  • Lowest position of 350 mm, highest position of 830 mm
  • Individually configurable to match your needs
  • Ambidextrous treatment unit (optional)

Performance made in Germany.

Discover the essence of Dental Excellence to an affordable entry-level pricing: the KaVo ESTETICA E30 combines convenience with efficiency as part of your daily workload. Enjoy intelligent features and integrated service functions and ensure cost-saving operation. 

If you like “Made in Germany” quality, you will love KaVo ESTETICA E30!

Discover the KaVo ESTETICA E30


Trust your intuition - your dentist element does.

Everything is located on your dentist element where you would intuitively expect it to be. The operating concept is clear and simple. Use direct buttons and the simple KaVo colour scheme to control handpieces, the patient chair and illumination both easily and rapidly.The dentist element can be individually configured according to your technical needs. It offers five handpiece holders and one tray holder which can be installed either on the right or left side of the unit.

  • Easy control of functions thanks to the direct buttons and intuitive film keypad
  • All information available at a single glance on the integrated display
  • Rapid treatment procedures and relaxed posture since you only have short distance to reach across.

Your assistant has everything under control and within reach.

 Its large swivelling range makes the assistant element of the KaVo ESTETICA E30 always easy to reach and ensures a comfortable and trouble-free working technique. The compact body of the device, which can be swivelled by 60°, affords your assistant optimal and ergonomically healthy access to the patient at all times.

Left-to-right or right-to-left-handed.

Being left-handed is always difficult where the world is made for right-handed people. Therefore, the KaVo ESTETICA E30 is designed as a dental chair that is equally well-suited for both sides. 

The KaVo ESTETICA E30 can optionally be switched easily in less than two minutes from left-to-right or right-to-left-handed operation.

Go hands-free with the KaVo foot control. 

Control all chair and handpiece functions by foot – freeing your hands to work at the patients mouth in a hygienic manner. This allows you to focus on your work whilst your legs rest in a comfortable position.

The perfect position for your patients.

Allowing heavier patients to be positioned safely and comfortably on the patient chair. Your patient is positioned in a comfortable supine position. The benefit to you: This allows you to work much more efficiently.

More about the KaVo ESTETICA E30

Colors & Upholstery

The real KaVo in its most beautiful form


Cleaning your KaVo E30 is very easy.

Equipment options

Patient chairTM/S
Soft upholstery
Trendelenburg movement
Backrest Progress
Double-jointed headrest rotary knob
Dentist elementTM/S
Air instrument connection
LUX turbine unit
Micro motor INTRA LUX KL701
Micro motor INTRA LUX KL703 LED
Minilght 3F
Triple function handpiece One
Triple function handpiece
Integrated torque control (Endo)
PIEZOsoft ultrasonic scaler
PiezoLED ultrasonic scaler
SONICflex sonic scaler
Tray holder for US tray
Tray holder for 1 standard tray
Tray holder for 2 standard trays
Assistant elementTM/S
Venturi spray mist suction
Venturi saliva ejector
Spray mist suction1
Saliva ejector1
Minilght 3F
Triple function handpiece One
Triple function handpiece
Curing light Poly One
Curing light Satelec MiniLED
Support for tray holder
Swivelling assistant element
Device bodyTM/S
Porcelain spittoon bow
Permanent germ reduction3
Intensive germ reduction bottle, manual
Swivelling spittoon
Warm water heater


Supply system 
Water block, compact
DVGW water bottle
Disposal system 
Venturi suction systemx
Wet suction with direct outflowx
External wet suctionx
Right/left convertible
Centralised software update
KaVoLUX 540 LED operating light
Operating light mounting post
MAIA LED operating light
Patient service box
Hygiene package


●  Standard equipment (may vary in national versions) 
❍ Optional equipment 
x  Must be selected

1  With wet suction system with direct outflow and external wet suction
2  With venturi and external suction system
3  With DVGW water bottle

Configurator for ESTETICA E30

A treatment unit as unique as you are – no problem with the KaVo treatment unit configurator!
Using the KaVo treatment unit configurator, you can assemble your new and unique treatment unit according to your specific needs and requirements.

Start configuring now


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