PHYSIO™️ Evo / Evo F

  • Modern patient chair for excellent ergonomics and high treatment comfort
  • For daily sitting in a healthy, natural posture
  • Awarded the AGR e.V. seal of approval (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V., an initiative for healthy backs)
  • Independent seat and backrest adjustment functions
  • Height adjustment via ultra-hygienic foot control (PHYSIO Evo F)

A healthy working posture starts with your seat.

Nothing affects our posture quite as much as the chair we sit on every day. The KaVo PHYSIO Evo work chair was specially designed to meet the requirements of a dental practice and is still the only work chair to have been awarded the coveted AGR e.V. seal of approval for its ergonomic concept.

Dental Stool KaVo PHYSIO Evo / Evo F

The work chair for a healthy sitting posture.

For dentists, it is particularly important to assume a posture that is ergonomically healthy and comfortable in any treatment situation. And nothing influences your posture more than the work chair you use all day, every day.

KaVo is renowned for making products that optimise both ergonomics and comfort. Following this tradition, the KaVo PHYSIO Evo is designed to perfectly meet the needs and work-flows of dentists and dental assistants.

  • Perfect ergonomics with maximum comfort for healthy and fatigue-free working.
  • PHYSIO Evo F operator stool: The height adjustment function via foot control is especially hygienic. Cross-infection is completely avoided thanks to foot-operated seat height adjustment.
  • Perfectly finished KaVo quality for unrestricted reliability in the daily routines in your practice.
  • Attractive colours and a modern design recognised by the GOOD DESIGN AWARD.
  • Best hygiene thanks to precisely matched components with very small gaps and surfaces that are easy to clean.


Form and colour sit well together

The KaVo PHYSIO Evo working chair has a slender, modern design and offers a large variety of colours. The colour range of the KaVo PHYSIO Evo working chair matches the colours of the KaVo ESTETICA treatment centres.

The compact design and small diameter of the base offer plenty freedom of movement even in confined spaces.

RELAXline Cashmere

RELAXline Graphite

RELAXline Agave


Midnight blue

Smoky Blue

Ocean Blue




Pearl grey

Chocolate brown




KaVo uniQa apricot

A question of the right setting.

The intelligent chair concept of the KaVo PHYSIO Evo working chair meets the highest demands on an ergonomic sitting position.

Thanks to independent adjustment functions, the seat and backrest can be set individually to suit your anatomical requirements and personal treatment style.

The best-possible sitting comfort allows for the smoothest workflow.

Ergonomics are a matter of detail

The backrest and seat cushion of the KaVo PHYSIO Evo are ergonomically shaped. The central ridge in the seat cushion provides stable sitting and prevents any sliding even in case of short, quick rolling motions. The rounded thigh support allows for freedom of motion.

Thanks to the spring force-supported backrest, the back muscles - in particular in the lumbar region - are permanently actively supported and thus continuously protected.

Ergonomics and comfort in perfect harmony: with the KaVo PHYSIO Evo, you always sit with a healthy, natural posture.

You can bank on it – quality made by KaVo

High-quality materials processed to the highest KaVo standards plus comprehensive endurance tests guarantee a long service life. Likewise, the KaVo PHYSIO Evo working chair allows for quick and reliable hygiene: all components used in manufacturing have been assembled with the smallest gaps and the surface cleans easily.

Dental excellence pays off

An ergonomically healthy sitting posture may have a significant influence on the profitability of your practice. Because, in the long term, always working with a good posture without any health issues is priceless for you and your staff.​

Technical Details

  • Minimum height of the seat: 465 mm
  • Maximum height of the seat: 660 mm
  • Adjustment range of the seat height: 195 mm
  • Max. width of the seat: 400 mm
  • Depth of the seat: 380 mm
  • Adjustment range of the backrest/seat tilt: 30 °
  • Seat tilt: 15 °
  • Base diameter: 535 mm
  • Weight: 12.5 kg