KaVo Digital Education

Dental Excellence for dental education.

The topic of digitalisation is receiving increased attention in modern dentistry, which is why it must be included in dental education.

Digital education offering more joy, efficiency and quality – that is Dental Excellence for dental education.

In order to support universities and researchers in sustainable development, KaVo offers innovative solutions, products and systems for dentistry studies, dental education, and further education, which enable efficient digital teaching. 

In this way, students are familiarised with the possibilities of the latest technologies right from the start of their studies. 

By using smart digital solutions and teaching materials from KaVo, lecturers have more time to focus on quality and learning success.

Dental Teacher 4.0

Summa cum laude for a convincing presentation and intuitive operation.

Sustainable learning in 120 seconds: With the software-based Dental Teacher from KaVo, you can simply keep your pre-clinical dissection workflow as usual. The Dental Teacher supports the students as part of the pre-clinical training by performing digital validation of their dissections: quickly, objectively and automatically at the push of a button. The Dental Teacher software is so easy to use that students can fully concentrate on improving their dissection skills. The entire evaluation process only takes two minutes.

  • The dissection of the tooth or pulp and the views of the entire jaw are displayed clearly and transparently and can also be projected one above the other if desired.
  • Section, measurement and angle calculations can be created and screenshots of work can be taken as documentation or for presentation.
  • Upon request, the work can be assigned to a defined data record, including automatic


Product information Dental Teacher 4.0

EDUnet Ultra HD

Clever digital communication during pre-clinical training.

KaVo EDUnet Ultra HD is the individual communication network for dental education and simplifies Internet communication between teachers and students. As a lecturer, you can use KaVo EDUnet Ultra HD to supervise all students simply and easily from a single source. With numerous smart features, EDUnet Ultra HD offers time-saving solutions and efficient options for individual support and control:

KaVo EDUnet Ultra HD works completely independently of the existing or planned future software and hardware infrastructure and can be gradually expanded as needed. The very first expansion level, which entails a single monitor for each student, will allow them to
experience your presentations and demonstrations, live in real-time. Thanks to the transmission in full-screen HD resolution, all students have a perfect view – even of the smallest details of a dissection. The fact that this can be displayed on an individual workstation allows you to concentrate on the most complicated learning content in peace, without crowds and disturbances, and to ask for help discreetly if necessary.

In this way, KaVo EDUnet Ultra HD not only increases the quality and efficiency of dental education and teaching, but also provides all the freedom for planning and the necessary investment security as an independent software solution. Concentrate on the most important task now and for the future – the best education of your students.

Product information EDUnet Ultra HD