Dental Patient Simulators

Dental patient simulators from KaVo. As close to real treatment as possible.

The focus of all dental activities is always the patient. Therefore, patient simulators of all kinds are used for qualified dental education, postgraduate professional training or for demonstration purposes in order to simulate the natural patient situation as realistically as possible.

Dental patient simulators from KaVo. As close to real treatment as possible.

Dental patient simulators (DPS) from KaVo are conceived and designed to give students in dental education exactly this lifelike impression of treating real patients. 

All reference points, levels and movements relevant to dentistry are integrated into the KaVo patient simulators. 

In addition, the anatomical shape, colours and materials give students the feeling of treating real patients. Thanks to the modular structure, step-by-step learning and practicing gets easy. 

With KaVo, students experience the quality and reliability of dental excellence early on, which will set them up for performing successful treatment for patients in practices and clinics in future.

Learning with simulators – but better with a system.

With modularly expandable, supplementary simulator equipment, the KaVo patient simulators offer the opportunity to learn and practice dental treatment techniques step-by-step and with increasing difficulty. The basic solution in this case is the dental patient simulator. The KaVo patient simulators can be integrated into prosthetic workstations and can be configured with different simulators according to your needs:

  • Jaw simulators
  • Facemasks
  • Teeth models

KaVo patient simulators – for promising preclinical simulation purposes.

KaVo Jaw Simulators.

The G20, G40 and G50 KaVo jaw simulators meet all the requirements imposed on patient simulators. 

All relevant anatomical dimensions, reference points and levels are taken into account.

The KaVo simulators are perfect for use in universities and education centres thanks to the robust structure and durable materials used.

Product Information Jaw Simulators

The "Third Hand" from KaVo.

The smart "third hand" for training simulators can be attached to the head of the KaVo patient simulators – providing optimal support for students performing treatment on the simulator. 

The "third hand” can be positioned as needed and keeps the spray mist extractor in the desired position, making it easier to suction any spray water, especially during two-handed treatments. 

Discover other clever solutions from KaVo – for professional education that is fun for both teachers and students.

KaVo Patient and Jaw Simulators

KaVo Patient simulators

As close to real treatment as possible.

Jaw simulators

As good as the real thing: dental jaw simulators from KaVo.