SONICflex™️ implant

  • Subgingival cleaning of the polished implant neck and polished surface of the superstructure
  • Metal-free tip
  • No roughening of polished surfaces
  • Very clean surfaces
  • Work with minimal fatigue

SONICflex implant tip - The implant cleaning tip.

Clinical requirement: 

Subgingival cleaning of the smooth neck areas of predominantly titanium implants. Special tips are therefore required when professionally cleaning the teeth of patients with implants. Conventional, tempered steel scaler tips are hard and may damage the soft titanium on the surface, which encourages a swift build-up of plaque.

The solution - SONICflex implant

  • For the effective removal of subgingival plaque and concretion
  • No abrasion, no scratching
  • Quick and easy to use
  • A patient product: effective, no risk of infection, excellent price/performance ratio
  • Prophylactic implant cleaning stages
  • Runs on SONICflex quick 2008, level 1

SONICflex implant

SONICflex implant Set

  • Therapy: effective removal of subgingival plaque and calculus around implants
  • Form: conical tips, single-use plastic base (PEEK)
  • Order number: 1.003.8167 
    (compatible with SONICflex 2000 N / L, 2003 / L)
  • Order number: 1.006.2027
    (compatible with SONICflex 2008 / L, 2008 S / LS)
  • Order number: 1.003.8168
    single-use plastic base ( 30 pcs.)

Inserting SONICflex tips

The working end to be used is screwed onto the SONICflex handpiece with the supplied torque wrench until you feel it snap into place. The working tip is now secured in the handpiece.

If the SONICflex handpiece is to remain on the treatment unit with the tip attached, we recommend leaving the supplied screw-in aid attached so that there is no risk of injury from the working tip.


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