Back pain in dental professions and the consequences.

What is causing back pain?

  • Wrong positioning of the patient
  • Incorrect positioning of the legs
  • Impaired access to the oral cavity
  • Twisting or bending to be able to practise
  • Repetitive movements and physical stress
Schwerwiegende Folgen.

Wrong positioning can...

... result in

  • chronic lower back disorders, 
  • excruciating muscle spasms, 
  • numbness and long-term damage to the neck, shoulders, back and even limbs.

This can lead to increasingly serious consequences

  • General discomfort
  • Impaired work performance
  • Lost time at work and associated loss of income
  • Limited mobility
  • Career end

Back pain does not have to be an occupational disease in dentistry!

With the help of the right equipment and proper insights, you can change your habits and prevent neck/back pain.

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Back pain in dental professions and the consequences.

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