KaVo Imaging - Interview

KaVo and Planmeca join forces for new workflows in dental imaging.

Following the merger of the two industry giants, KaVo and Planmeca, we are already seeing the first major expansion of the KaVo portfolio.

With the new imaging product series KaVo ProXam, the company, based in Biberach, Germany, is wowing dental practices with its wealth of expertise, future-proof workflows and impressive features.

Heikki Kyöstilä, founder, owner and CEO of the Planmeca Group, gives interesting insights in a joint interview with...

Jan Moed, KaVo's new CCO with global responsibility for marketing and sales.

"Stronger together" is a strong statement. What does it mean to you personally?

Heikki: Planmeca and KaVo are two incredibly strong brands with histories that have shaped dental care and technologies for several generations, and will continue to do so in future. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far and are very confident that the new partnership between our companies will benefit our products and will take modern dentistry to a whole new level.

You have already taken the first step in this direction with the new KaVo imaging portfolio, ProXam. What exactly does this mean for KaVo?

Jan: The KaVo brand stands for dental excellence in the global dental market. In other words, for high quality, reliability, ergonomics, world-class design and intelligent solutions in the field of instruments, treatment units and equipment for dental laboratories and universities. This impressive portfolio is further enhanced by Planmeca's expertise and experience, especially in terms of digital workflows, giving KaVo the unique opportunity to integrate X-ray, scanning, software and CAD/CAM applications. Together, KaVo and Planmeca offer tried and tested, high-quality solutions and will further develop our product ranges so that KaVo can become a complete solution provider in future.

Can you explain in a little more detail what makes the new KaVo imaging portfolio so special? What sets it apart from the older products?

Jan: Above all, the new ProXam imaging product line from KaVo offers excellent image quality with a very low patient dose, versatile functions and even better ergonomics. In addition, the newly designed KaVo imaging portfolio paves the way for the popular, all-in-one imaging ecosystem Romexis for KaVo customers. By incorporating Romexis, workflows can be simplified many times over.

Can you describe this in more detail? What makes Romexis the gold standard of X-ray software? 

Heikki: With the all-in-one Romexis software platform, all systems or units can be linked together. This means all data can be collected, viewed and processed in one system, making collaboration faster and more flexible. There are also options for real-time monitoring. During the development of Romexis, the key focus was on excellent user-friendliness and intuitive handling, as well as sufficient flexibility. To ensure it is always compatible and that the respective practice management software can be connected easily, the Romexis architecture has an open design and supports both the macOS and Windows operating systems.

This path towards networking and digitalisation will certainly play a decisive role in the future. But "traditional" service is also an important aspect in imaging – how has KaVo prepared itself for excellent service in this new area?

Jan: KaVo is a renowned manufacturer with extensive experience in service, and is therefore well prepared for this task. For example, with treatment units, we have placed great emphasis on service quality for many years and are a strong and reliable partner for our specialist retailers. Also, our experience with X-rays has taught us what to look out for. With this background, we are well prepared in-house for excellent service in the field of imaging: our training rooms have been equipped with the entire product portfolio. Both sales reps and technicians can be trained and certified at KaVo – from assembly and maintenance to instruction. All products and spare parts are stored at our German site and shipped from there as quickly as possible. Our points of contact are known KaVo professionals and the usual KaVo portals now also offer the latest information on imaging and software. "One point of contact", regardless of the product area, makes working with KaVo easy and guarantees outstanding, competent service quality according to our motto of "Dental Excellence".

What exactly happens when there is a problem with a unit? How do you support your customers then?

Jan: First, we have kitted out our hotline's equipment room with the entire KaVo ProXam portfolio. This gives the KaVo support technicians the opportunity to simulate and analyse errors in real time, in order to provide a quick solution. Another solution is digital remote troubleshooting, which is done directly in the customer's network. Of course, there will also be dedicated imaging field service – four technicians will support the KaVo specialist retailers at the regional level, ensuring the fastest possible reaction times when needed. And last but not least, the most important products will also be available as rental units, to avoid restrictions and downtimes in practice or clinic operations. With this comprehensive package, we are sure that we can provide service that meets KaVo’s high standards.

That sounds very convincing. Now on to another topic: which aspects are generally prioritised when developing imaging technologies?

Heikki: During product development, we always strive for the optimal combination of four key factors: first-class image quality, a reduction in the number of new and repeat images, even less radiation exposure for patients – and all this with outstanding ergonomics.

Where do you see imaging in the future?

Jan: Imaging will always be an important part of high-quality, patient-oriented dental treatment. As technology advances rapidly, I anticipate innovations that will support faster digital treatment planning and less invasive treatments, thereby helping our customers provide their patients with the best possible care. At the same time, aspects such as plug-and-play and the reliability of the systems used will continue to be important for the internal practice workflow. Overall, I doubt we've seen everything modern technology has to offer yet.

That sounds promising. What will this mean specifically for the future practice or clinic and for their patients?

Heikki: Workflows in practices and clinics are becoming more and more integrated and therefore smoother and faster. Treatment planning is also being optimised and the treatment results are therefore not just better, but also more predictable. I think that in future, we will see a steady improvement in patient care and safety, which is naturally expected of us as a premium manufacturer. Together, KaVo and Planmeca are ideally positioned for this and look forward to more exciting projects and developments that will help to improve modern dentistry in many different ways.

The KaVo ProXam all-in-one concept:

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