Exercises for a healthy back.

The following exercises can easily be performed during short breaks in the dental practice or at home. You don’t need any additional equipment and your back will reward you for your efforts.

“Hanging position”

In this exercise, very slowly roll your head forward, then slowly bend down and let yourself and your arms hang down. In this way, the entire back musculature is slightly stretched and the spine is mobilised. If you wish, you can let your arms swing to intensify the effect. You can then slowly rise up again, vertebra by vertebra, and stretch.

“The Weightlifter”

This is a whole-body exercise. For this exercise, you squat down while raising your arms forward and up at the same time. Then slowly rise up again and simultaneously lower the arms. 

Repeat the exercise from the top. This strengthens your leg, thigh, gluteal and back muscles.

“The Wood Chopper”

This exercise is a special workout for the deep muscles stabilising the spine. For this exercise, bend your knees slightly and lift your arms forward. Now you are in the starting posture. 

Now firmly move your arms up and down in a chopping motion. Slowly raise the arms upwards and lower them back to the starting position while doing the chopping movement. (10 repetitions).

“The Shoulder Rotator”

Raise both arms outstretched at a 90 degree angle. One palm faces upwards, the other downwards. Then turn your head towards the palm facing up. Now slowly turn both palms so that the positions of the palms are reversed. 

At the same time, slowly turn the head towards the palm facing up. This exercise stretches the shoulder muscles and mobilises the cervical spine. (10 repetitions).

“The Flank Stretch”

For stretching the thoracic and lumbar spine and pelvis, place one leg crossed behind the other. The arm on the same side of the leg crossed behind is placed over the head. 

Pull this arm and assist the stretch by bending the upper part of the body sideways. Stay in the stretched position for up to 10 seconds. Then switch sides.

Legal notice: The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice or medical treatment. Before doing any of the exercises shown, seek the advice of a doctor if you are in doubt.

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