Protect+ service package

The safety package with extended warranty that saves time and money

We've designed the Protect+ Service package to offer you the safety that you expect and to support you in ensuring that everything at your practice runs smoothly

The benefits

  • Ensures compliance with legally-required hygiene and functional safety measures
  • Reduces downtime and unplanned costs, guaranteeing the safety of your investment and planning

The conditions

  • May be purchased up to three months after purchasing a treatment unit
  • The extended warranty General Terms and Conditions can be obtained via your dental dealer.
  • The prescribed annual maintenance is a mandatory condition of purchase.

The package includes:

For an additional two years after the legal warranty has expired, we offer any required spare parts free of charge. Consumables and worn parts as well as the costs for working time and travel are excluded.

Average yearly required supply (12 x 1 litre) of DEKASEPTOL disinfectant and cleaning agent for dental suction systems. Average yearly required supply (2 x 6 litres) of OXYGENAL 6 for disinfection of the dental treatment water.

A footrest cover that is aesthetically appealing and provides simple protection of the treatment unit cushion.